YouTube vs TikTok – Tiktok’s rating down to 1.3, demand for ban increased


Currently, there is a trend youtube vs tiktok. Tiktok vs youtube it the topic on which everyone is talking about. If you are active on social media, then you probably know about this. Online forums, social posts, or videos platform have become a battleground for TikTok and YouTube stars.

But the TikTok app is suffering in this, its effect can be seen on Google Play store. The rating of the TikTok app has decreased from 4.7 to 1.3. This the lowest rating of the tiktok app since its launch. At the same time the demand for a ban is also increasing due to its content.

youtube vs tiktok
youtube vs tiktok

How Youtube vs tiktok started

Last week Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati) posted a ‘roasting’ video on YouTube. This was the video response of a popular TikTok user Amir Siddique. In which he said that TikTok’s content is better and entertaining than Youtube.

The video whose title was ‘YouTube vs TikTok: The End’. This video went viral on youtube and millions of people watched it. But it was criticized by the tiktok users and they reported this video. So, at the end, YouTube India removed this video based on harassment, hatred, and online abuse.

The removal of this video was only because of those tiktok users. They collectively reported this video to youtube. But as soon as the removal of this video, there was a war on social media Tiktok vs youtube. Hashtag like #BringBackCarryMinatiYoutubeVideo, #JusticeForCarryMinati and Youtube vs tiktok started trending on Twitter.

After this, many big Youtubers made a video in support of CarryMinati and appealed to the people to uninstall and downgrade TikTok. Many people supported him and starting rating tiktok badly.

Why is the demand for TikTok Ban increasing?

Due to YouTube vs TikTok, the anger of Youtubers and their fans was erupting on Tiktok only then and a video of a TikToker tax came out, which led to fierce public outcry.

A Tiktoker Faizal Siddiqui (Brother of Amir Siddique) appeared in public for one of his videos in which he was promoting an acid attack on women by creating a disturbing scene.

A few days ago the TikTok rating on the Play Store started dropping. It was 4.6 in the starting but became down to 3.8 quickly. but now, the app has seen its lowest rating 1.3.

The condition of TikTok Lite has become worse, its Play Store rating has fallen to 1.1. Not only the people, the National Commission for Women, big celebrities also demanded to take action on such videos.

Why should there be a Tiktok ban in India?

TikTok, anti-national content, cultural decline, pornography, has become a center for potential exposure of children to sexual predators. Because of which there is a demand for Tik Tok Ban, but now it increased.

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