World Science Day: Without India, it is impossible to save the world from corona, we are the world factory producing 70% vaccine


Coronavirus is the biggest challenge facing 21st century science. So far, the virus has killed 12.5 lakh people and is causing havoc in many countries. It is clear that the vaccine is the only way to deal with the corona. Scientists are converging. Many vaccines are in the final stages of testing, but the biggest challenge is to create sufficient doses for almost the entire population of the world. India has become the only vaccine factory in the world due to its science and pharma industry. The truth is that without India it is impossible to make 70% of the world’s vaccine to win the war against Corona.

India alone provides 60–80% of vaccines for the United Nations vaccination program. There is a large supply of Indian vaccines from America, Europe, Southeast Asia to most parts of the world. By last year, the Indian vaccine market of 9400 crore rupees will become 25 thousand crore rupees by 2025. Russian Corona Vaccine Sputnik Ho Oxford University Vaccine. Most companies and companies that make Corona vaccines are involved in entering into vaccine agreements with Indian pharma companies.

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Science with science and society to deal with global epidemics

World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated on 10 November every year at the initiative of the United Nations. This year’s theme has been “with science and with society in dealing with the global epidemic” due to the Corona epidemic. On this occasion, let us know those characters who made India the world’s vaccine factory …

Due to lack of money, the farmer’s son, Dr. Illa had to leave

The founder of Bharat Biotech, a company involved in the corona virus vaccine, Dr. Krishna Illa is from a small peasant family. Born in Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu, Dr. Krishna Illa had told in an interview that he wanted to study agriculture after biotechnology, but due to lack of money started working in a chemical company. During this job, he received a scholarship and did his postgraduate and PhD in the US. Doctor Illa wanted to make his career abroad, but his mother brought him back to India and here he started with a small lab and turned him into such a big company. Dr. Ila’s lab, which has won more than 100 national awards, has produced several vaccines so far.

Father withdraws from London to save him from foreign lifestyle

A big name in the race to make Corona vaccine is Adar Poonawala, CEO of Serum Institute, India’s largest vaccine company. Cyrus Poonawalla, founder of the Serum Institute and father of Adar, started the institute in his horse farm in 1966, about 54 years ago. There are approximately 65% ​​of children in the world who have received at least one vaccine serum institute. Adasar’s only son, Cyrus Poonawalla, who ranked 165th in Forbes’ Billionaires ranking and 86th among the world’s richest people, told in an interview that his father kept him away from luxury life at the age of 9. Was sent to a boarding school in England. Cyrus Poonawala feared that Adar might not be so used to living a foreign lifestyle that he could not live in India, so he returned to Adar India after graduation. Vader, who graduated from Westminster University, started working at the Serum Institute at the age of 20. At that time, he did not hold any official position in the company, instead he had to be with his father at all times. Like a shadow and watch his work closely. When he became executive director of the company in 2005–7, the company supplied vaccines to about 35 countries in India, but due to other efforts, today his company manufactures vaccines for about 145 countries and from outside the company. Accounts for 80% of revenue. Comes.

Pankaj dreamed of becoming a pharmacist at the age of 8

Pankaj Patel is the president of Cadila Healthcare, which is involved in the creation of the Corona vaccine. Pankaj Patel’s company, ranked 28th in India’s richest 2020, produced the first swine flu vaccine (H1N1) in India. Pankaj Bhai’s father Raman Bhai Patel and Indravadan Modi launched Zydus Cadila in 1953. At that time, 8-year-old Pankaj Bhai went to the lab with his father every day and used to see medicines made there, since then he dreamed of becoming a pharmacist. Pankaj Bhai studied from Seth CN Vidyalaya, Gujarat. Pharmacy and MM Pharmacy from Ahmedabad. In the year 1995, Pankaj Bhai’s father’s company was divided into 2 parts, Cadila Laboratory and Cadila Healthcare. Cadila Healthcare was handled by Pankaj Bhai and was named “Best Pharma Man of the Year” in 2003. In 2004, he was ranked number 24 in Forbes magazine. Pankajbhai is also the chairman of Zydus Hospital, the largest chain of hospitals in Gujarat. .

MD of Indian Immunologists Dr. K. There was no 10th pass in Anand Kumar’s family.

Managing Director of Indian Immunologists Dr. K. Anand Kumar has worked in many large companies in India and abroad. He did his PhD from Puducherry after completing his Masters in Microbiology from PSG College, Coimbatore in 1992. Born in Coimbatore village, Dr. Kumar made a fresh start with Indian immunologists in 2010. In an interview, Drs. Anand had said that apart from him there was hardly anyone in his family who had also passed 10th standard. Dr. Kumar is also an active sports person, often playing cricket and table tennis after work. Dr., who started his career from Transgenic Biotech Hyderabad. Anand was sent by the company to Germany as the project manager for the hepatitis vaccine.

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