Will VPN services be closed in India, why companies are giving warnings to leave the country? understand the whole thing


New Delhi. In protest against a decision of the central government, many VPN companies are preparing to remove their network from India. Leading VPN company Nord has said that if the government does not change its decisions or does not provide any other option, then they will be forced to withdraw their business from the Indian market.

Actually, the government has said that VPN companies will have to keep the data of their users safe for 5 years and will have to give it to the authorities if needed. That’s why Surfshark and ExpressVPN have already shut down their services in the country and Nord has warned against doing the same. Significantly, this new law is being implemented in the country from June 28.

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What will be the effect on users
If the new rules come into force then users will have to follow strict KYC rules to take VPN service. This may also include giving the reason for using the VPN. Activists associated with Internet freedom believe that this will probably expose the personal data of users to the government.

Will VPNs no longer work in India?
Despite many companies shutting down the service, users in India will be able to use VPN. Regarding this, VPN has said that it will provide facilities to people in India through virtual Indian servers. They say that these servers will be physically installed in the UK or Singapore. It is possible that other companies also give their services to the users in India in the same way.

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What is the side of companies
Nord says, “We follow strict privacy rules. We neither collect nor store data. ExpressVPN has said that VPNs are designed to keep people’s online activities private and the new rules end that very purpose.

what is the side of the government
Despite the opposition, the government seems to be firm on its decision. Union Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar has said that any companies that do not want to follow the new rules of the Government of India can leave the country. He has said that this is the only way for VPN companies to work here.

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