WhatsApp’s new feature, admin’s approval will be required to join the group


New Delhi . WhatsApp gives more than one new features for the convenience of its users. Recently, after increasing the number of users adding to the group, this instant messaging platform has released another new feature on Thursday. Its name is Group Membership Approval. With the help of this, the group admin will get the option to manage the group in a better way. It is said that this feature is currently in the development stage.

According to a report on the WAbetainfo website, the group admin will now get an opportunity to manage the group. Explain that in the group feature that WhatsApp is working on, it will be possible to manage group requests with the help of group membership approval option. After enabling the group admin feature, the user who wants to use the group invite link will have to take manual approval from the admin. Its notification will be visible in the group chat. Also a new section will be added with Group Info.

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can be profitable

The details of this feature of WhatsApp have not been revealed yet. However, it is expected to be quite beneficial for many users. If you are creating a group and you want to add only a few selected users to it, then you can create a WhatsApp link for this. This link can only be sent to the users you want to add.

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will work like this

Group admins can turn this feature on or off by accessing the group settings. According to the report, there will be a new section inside the group information, where admins can manage all the requests coming from interested users to join the group. After this option is enabled, users who want to add to the group using the group invite link, will have to take manual approval from the group admin. By the way, let us tell you that in addition to group membership approval, WhatsApp is planning to add some new gender-neutral emoji in an upcoming update for Android users.

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