WhatsApp said, by May 15, users should accept a new policy, otherwise…


WhatsApp’s new policy has been under discussion for some time. The company had extended the date to accept it. Now once again, time has been given till May 15 to accept this policy.

The last time there was a dispute on WhatsApp policy, the date of accepting it was increased from March 8 to May 15. In the notification, the company has said that to continue the use of WhatsApp, we should accept the term and privacy policy by May 15.

There was a message in the users about the new policy that WhatsApp will share their private chat with Facebook. After which the anger of the users was split on WhatsApp. They started shifting to other platforms leaving WhatsApp. The company had to explain several times about this policy. Now the company is again giving notifications to users to accept their new policy.

WhatsApp clarified that the new policy applies to WhatsApp Business. This will use the data of the users chatting with the business account. By doing this, they will be able to monetize and provide better service. WhatsApp will not be able to read personal chat due to end to end encryption. Users will be able to see whether they are able to chat with personal account or business account. Chat will be labeled for this. The Supreme Court in India has also sought answers from the company on this issue.

Users will not be able to send messages to anyone on WhatsApp if the company’s new policy is not accepted. After a few days their account will also be closed. Which will delete their old chats. The company closes the account when the account is inactive for about three months. If you are not able to send the message in WhatsApp, then after 15 months from May 15, the account company will delete it.

WhatsApp has been in a lot of controversies regarding its new policy. This has also had an impact on its users base. Users were starting to shift to signal and telegram leaving WhatsApp. Due to this controversy, the popularity of Telegram increased significantly. In January, it became the most downloaded app on the Play Store in the App section. Earlier it was in tenth place.

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