WhatsApp has made a new update for group voice calls, now anyone can Mute


New Delhi. WhatsApp keeps on changing things over time. In this sequence, now Whatsapp has updated the group voice call experience for both Android and iOS. Along with this, now users will get the facility to mute anyone during group voice. Earlier, the entire group was muted, but after the new update, now messages and calls of a single person can be easily muted.

The new update WhatsApp update has been done after recently increasing the number of members for group voice calls. Let us tell you that earlier only eight people could join the group call, but now 32 people can be lined up in the group voice.

Message and mute option
WhatsApp on Friday announced the release of its updated group voice call experience. In the update, users have also been given the option to message a particular participant during the call. To mute or message a participant on a call, you have to press and hold the name card of that participant. After that you will get both message and mute options.

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Participant can unmute himself
The feature to mute someone on a call will be useful in case a person forgets to mute himself during a voice call. However, it can also be misused to intentionally mute a participant during the call, but the participant can unmute himself at any time by pressing the unmute button.

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Indicator also added
In addition to the options to mute and message participants in group voice calls, WhatsApp has also added an indicator to notify the participant. This will give the participant the information involved in the calls of more people. Because 32 participants can participate in WhatsApp group voice call. In such a situation, it will be difficult to see whether someone is involved in the group call and who is not.

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