If you use WhatsApp, don’t forget to make this mistake, someone else will read the chats

WhatsApp Hacks: WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app these days. The danger of hacking is always there, so you should keep some things in mind to avoid it.

There are some things you should never do if you use WhatsApp. Many people generally make many mistakes while using WhatsApp, due to which their WhatsApp gets hacked.

Dangerous to use third-party apps for WhatsApp. Such apps are available on Google Play Store or on many websites. GBWhatsApp is an example of this which has been in the news a lot at one time.

There are many similar apps that compromise your privacy in the name of extra features. Not only this, WhatsApp has also officially said that if you use third-party apps for WhatsApp, then the company can block them forever.

The second is that if you use WhatsApp Web or usually give your phone to someone else without locking it, then be careful. QR code has to be scanned to use WhatsApp Web.

Use WhatsApp web by scanning the QR code of WhatsApp from mobile. It has been seen many times that someone else is also reading people’s chats. How is this possible?

In fact, many times by deceiving the target, they scan the QR code of their WhatsApp. By doing this, without the knowledge of that user, his WhatsApp can be accessed through his web browser and all the chats can be read.

There are also some such apps available on Google Play Store and many websites that scan the QR code of WhatsApp Web and load all the chats in the same app. The problem is that in such a situation you do not even know that someone else is reading your chat.

In these apps, the same code of WhatsApp Web is used. That is like you run WhatsApp Web by scanning the QR code of your WhatsApp, the same thing is happening here.

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Solving this problem is also quite simple. You have to keep checking the session of WhatsApp on your WhatsApp app from time to time. In the WhatsApp Web section, you will see the sessions.

By looking at these sessions, you can understand who is using your WhatsApp. If there is no session here then there is no problem. If any session is visible, then make sure that it is not your session.

Many times people do not end the session with their WhatsApp app by using the WhatsApp web. In such a situation, that WhatsApp session stays there for a long time. You can end the session yourself with your app.

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