What to do if you lose your mobile phone?

What to do if you lose your mobile phone?
What to do if you lose your mobile phone?
What to do if you lose your mobile phone? Have you ever lost your phone? If not then it is fine, otherwise, the pain of missing your phone is very painful. When you lose your most-loved item which is your phone then it seems as if you have lost a very valuable item of the world.

This is not because the price of the phone is high, but also because it contains a lot of your personal and financial data, which can also be very valuable to thieves. That is the reason that the realization of such personal information in the hands of a stranger is really a huge loss for the owner of that mobile phone. Therefore, information about what to do if you lose a mobile phone is very important for you.

As soon as you feel that you are far away from your phone, then many unnecessary questions keep coming in your mind. Like where will my phone be right now? Will he get me back again? Will that thief be able to access my contents such as photos, videos, messages, and personal information? 

The truth is that the probability of getting your phone back is very low. But, if you have taken the right steps before and after the theft of your phone, then perhaps you can increase the chance of its recovery and also limit the damage that can happen later. 

Here is today’s article, what to do if the phone is stolen, I am going to tell you what you should do if your phone is stolen and along with it, I am going to provide some of the best practices as well which you can use your new Or you can protect the existing phone from danger.

What to do if you lose your mobile phone


What to do if you lose your mobile phone? & How to find a lost mobile phone?

Well, here some steps depend on you how much preparation you have already done. The rest of the steps are also very important if you understand it properly. What to do if you lose your mobile phone?

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1. First Check your phone

It happens very often that people hide your phone somewhere to make fun of you. In such a situation, you do not get even after searching for your phone. So do not worry too much in advance and ask your friends about this after a while. You may get your phone from a friend.

At the same time it also happens that in haste, we keep our phone somewhere else, due to which we feel that our phone has been stolen.

In such a situation, you can call your phone using your other phone, and if you have heard the word about ringing or vibrating then it is good. On the other hand, if someone picked it up and talked to you, then you can tell them about your lost phone. Which can also help you get it back.

2. Use Apps

If you do not get any answer on calling. Then you can use any one phone finder app such as Find My iPhone, Google Find My Device, or Samsung Find My Mobile. But it only works if that app is already installed in your SmartPhone too. 

If it is then all you have to do is go to the website of the app from any web browser, log in with your correct credentials, and then follow the instructions so that you can locate your phone on the map.

This will only work if these apps are already installed on your phone. not otherwise.

If you can trace the location of your phone from that app, then there can be two cases. First of all, this location is near your house. A place where you have to go everyday ta Then you can trace your location and get your phone. 

Secondly, if the location is somewhere else that you have never heard of, then be sure that your phone is in the hands of a thief. And even if your phone does not get an answer from there, then at least assume that your phone has been stolen. 

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It often happens that thieves often switch off the phone and immediately when they have stolen it, due to this it will not show on your finder apps. 

On the other hand, if the thief has not switched off the phone and you have come to know about its location, then you should not go to them in a hurry because it can also have bad results. Try to contact a police station and work under their instructions.

3. File a Police Report (FIR)

If you believe that your phone has been stolen, then you should file a police report about the phone being stolen. Although these law enforcement agencies do not even have the resources to investigate each stolen phone, if you can tell them where your phone is currently (using your finder app) then maybe To help you quickly recover your phone. 

Note that your case will not be given such a high priority, so you can definitely take a little time in it. 

If your phone could not be recovered even then a police report by the police can be very useful to you. For example, devices that have been reported missing or stolen are added to a nationwide blacklist. This means that this device is not going to work in any network. 

If your credit card has been used after your phone is stolen, then your financial institution can demand such a police report number for proof that your device was stolen before they pay your money. 

On the other hand, if you have insured your phone, then many insurance companies do not compensate your stolen phone until you give them a police report number.

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4. Lock and Erase your phone remotely

As soon as you know that your phone is not with you and is with someone else, then you must immediately decide how to prevent that thief from gaining access over your content. For this, you have to lock your phone remotely. These processes vary from the operating system to the system. 

how to do in ios

In iOS devices, Activation Lock is automatically enabled when you turn on Find My iPhone (but it has to turn on before the device is stolen). This locks your device which no one can sign in without your Apple user ID and password. 

This Find My iPhone app also has a Lost Mode feature. It displays a custom message in your device, which can also have a phone number to reach you. 

To keep your device in Lost Mode, you must go to icloud.com/#find on your Mac or PC and sign in with your iCloud username and password. 

If you are absolutely sure that you are not going to get your phone back, then you can remotely erase all the data on your phone. But note that before this you should take back up your data beforehand. 

How to do in android

If you want in your Android device, you can remotely lock it using the Find My Device app (which you should have already turned on before the device is stolen). You can use Gmail credentials to log in to google.com/android/find with a web browser and select SECURE DEVICE. 

Now you will be prompt to set a new lock screen password. In the same interface, you can also remotely erase your device if you feel it is necessary. 

How to do in windows phone


Windows has its own app called Find My Phone so that you can lock your phone. In any browser, you must sign in windowsphone.com. 

Click Find My Phone and then select Lock. At the same time, you also get the option to remotely erase your device.

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5. Call your Cellular Provider

If you have learned that someone has stolen your phone, then he can also access your data such as call, text, and data. Then you can inform this immediately to your cellular service provider and suspend your services. 

While you can also lock your phone, you do not have to lose hope, but you can also take the help of your wireless provider.

What to do if you lose your mobile phone


6. Change Your Passwords

If you get remote access to your device, then you can change your former passwords immediately. This can make your device even better security. This is because the patterns are often guessed by hackers. Because fingerprints are stained on the screen. 

Try the password of any accounts that you have from your phone you have to change to be associated.

7. Call Your Bank

You have to inform your banks about this at the earliest. Because most thieves can steal money from your bank because they have your registered mobile phone. 

Therefore, it would be better that you suspend your bank accounts and cards immediately so that your money is protected. At the same time, you can request bank employees to make any activity in your bank account accessible to you.

8. Contact your Insurance Company

It happens very often that some insurance is also attached to your phone, which helps you to recover its value due to theft. At the same time, if you have taken any such insurance, then you can contact the insurance company. With this, you can get the proper value of your mobile phone back. 

This was what you should do when your phone is stolen. Now let’s know what you should do when you buy a new phone.

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What should you do when you buy a new phone?

You may have many steps that you may not have done before stealing your phone. There is no mistake in this because people do not have any information about these safety features. 

Therefore it would be better that you should know about all the things that you can apply to secure your newly purchased mobile.

1. Note down the serial number of your device

Write down the International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) number of your new mobile. See it in the settings of your phone, in the physical print on the back of your phone or in the original packaging. You can also quote it with your police report if needed.

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2. Activate a Phone Finder App

We have already told you about some phone finder apps such as Find My iPhone and Find My Device. By the way, these apps are already pre-installed in your device, so it would be better to enable them after the phone is purchased. 

They will help you to know whether your device has been stolen or just lost. At the same time, it helps you a lot in finding your phone. 

some apps take photos on repeated login attempts. With this, you will get to know who is tampering with your mobile phone.

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3. Use Strong Passwords

Always use a strong password, PIN, or pattern to lock your phone. This may sound a bit strange to hear, but, indeed, more than 30% of android users do not use any lock screen passwords. 

If you do not use any passwords, then anyone can access your phone easily, whereas you cannot do anything in such a situation. 

So try to use a strong password. With this, you can secure your phone to a great extent.

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4. Set up Automatic Backups

It is very often that we forget to back up the data in our busy schedule, at the same time we may have to take a lot of damage. 

Nowadays, there are many apps that automatically backup your data. With this, you do not have to worry about backup.

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5. You use better practices while using your phone.

If you are using your phone then do not slow down the phone by opening unnecessary apps. Rather, they are going to use the app, only open it. 

Apart from this, you can also delete the useless apps which you are not using anymore. This also saves your storage space. 

At the same time, you should not keep unnecessary information or sensitive information on your phone, because if you get stolen, you may have problems with it.

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Stolen called SmartPhones?

Despite SmartPhones having so many security features, these smartphones have a different market. 

Then whether it is phone locked or open. The best thing in this is that the thieves are behind your devices in it, not the contents of them. While these phones can be buy from many shops, second-hand shops, wireless stores, etc. Which later replace their SIM and reprogram them. 

This can be done easily when the phone manufacturers do not lock them. Factory resets of locked phones are also changed to make them usable. At the same time, they also sell their internal parts at very good prices.

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What to do if you lose your mobile phone?

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I hope I gave you complete information about how to know if you lost a mobile phone and I hope you have understood what to do if the phone is stolen. 

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something.

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