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This article is on web technology. In this time of this era, web technology is very popular, useful, and very easy. This article contains an introduction of web technology, types of web technology, technologies used for making a website, the process of making and hosting a website on the internet, benefits of web technology, and last at the end of the article this article contains the conclusion of web technology. If you read this full article this will very helpful to you to know about web technology. This article will help you to get acquainted with web technology and its types and features.


Web Technology

Web technology is used for making websites. Web technology is a medium for communication between computers and their users. Web technology provides a platform to computers with the help of which communication takes place. Web technology uses markup languages like HTML and XML and multimedia components like the photo, video, audio, etc for communication. With the help of web technology, we can develop websites and can share details, work, and structure of any organization through it.

Types of web technology: 

Each and every website has its front end and back end. By connecting both ends, front end and back end, it is called a complete website. Any person can have knowledge and information about front end only or back end only and can have both also, the person who has full knowledge about website development, that is called full stack developer.

For website development, technologies are changing according to their requirement in every area. Now, there are so many different technologies for making websites. If we want to access any website then there are some essential components that are used in creating and accessing any website. These components are a combination of Browsers,


Any programming language,

Frameworks for developing software applications,

Web servers, 

Databases and etc. 


Technologies used for making websites: 

As in the above passage I have described technologies that are essential for website development. Here we will more study about those technologies. Any website has two sides, one is client-side and another is server-side, so there are different languages and rules about both sides of making a website. For client-side coding HTML(HyperText Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript, are important components of the website.

HTML is a markup language that includes tags. Hypertext markup language tells your browsers like google chrome, firefox, or any other default browser that what to show on the screen, it can be said that it describes the structure of the website. CSS is used to make a website beautiful and attractive, with the help of Cascading Style Sheets we can make our website very colorful, it has features of changing colors, font, size, background, and many more things.

JavaScript is a programming language, usually, it is used in any website to make it interactive with web browsers. These are for client-side, client-side means when we go to any website this all will show to us, the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Other components and technologies used for making websites are used in server-side coding. Programming languages are used for custom functionality on websites. Some popular programming languages are PHP, ASP.NET, java, etc. The database is used to store the entire data of your website. The webserver is used to deliver your website to the end-user.


Process of making a website and host it at the client-side: 

When you want to make a website the above technologies will help you u a lot. With the above different technologies like programming languages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, database, webserver, etc we can create a website related to our work and organization.

The process of making a website is very simple, we should have knowledge of all the above technologies described. Using HTML and CSS we can design the structure and make our website more attractive and beautiful then we use programming language for custom and most important database, which is for storage of data related to the website. we can also make a responsive website.

After finishing all these steps our website will be completely done. Now it is time to host your website on the internet with the help of a web server. Web server is software, where is space to store and deliver the website to the end-user that the user can access the website.


Benefits of web technology: 

In this era, each and every organization and company has their website, even not an only big company but small corporations and businesses also have their websites which helps their customer to get information about their vendor. Everyone can check and analyze any organization by just seeing their official website. with webserver, we can find websites on WWW(World Wide Web). 

There are so many benefits of web technology some of them are described following:  

  • Less expensive: websites are not so expensive. To publicize your business websites are less expensive than physical publicity like media prints etc.
  • Customer convenience: With the help of websites customer can check their products and then if they want then they can physically visit the store.  
  • Accessibility: benefit of making a website for your business is that there is no timing to check your products online, customers can visit your website anytime from anywhere.  
  • Updated: you can update your website at any time, this will be helpful to your customers and they are aware of your latest product availability.  
  • Growth opportunity: If your business has a website then it shows that you are the person who understands the need of this time, in this busy atmosphere what a customer wants. It will be very beneficial for your future. On your website, you can share your past achievements and also future plans with your product details. 


Web technology stands for communication between computers with markup languages. Web technologies are for website development. Having a website for your business or any organization is very useful for your business promotion. Websites are playing a very important part in the development of business. In today’s time, more than 70% of people are using dynamic or static websites as per their requirements. Static and dynamic types of websites have their importance in their own way.

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