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This article contains knowledge about web development. Web development is basically used to prepare the website for the Internet. So here in this article, we gave ideas about web development and the basics of web development.

Here we get the knowledge about frontend development which contains HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and backend development which contains Python, Node.js Java, PHP.  Ideas about some common frameworks are also given here. So read this article till the end to get the basic knowledge about web development

What Is Web Development

Web Development is creating, designing, maintaining a website and web-based application. For developing a website we need some knowledge about languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more. 

Frontend Development

Fronted Development is the client-side of a website or application. It is the side that we can see and its code is available for people.  

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HTML is a hypertext markup language. It is a standard markup language for creating web pages. Using HTML many websites are created. HTML is a language that consists of a series of elements.

It describes the structure of web pages and tells how to display the content on them. It is like a skeleton of the page, the same as our body. HTML language is case-insensitive. HTML tags are very easy and understandable. Tags like <html>,<head>,<body>,<br>,<title>.

Some tags explained –

<html> – This is the root element of the HTML pages.

lang –  it is an attribute that defines the language of the HTML document.\

<body> – inside this element main content of the HTML page is displayed 

<title> – this element give the title to the page.

<h1> – this element use for large heading 

<br>  – this element is used to break the line.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. CSS language is generally made to make the website presentable and attractive by using font, color, background, and many more.  It is made to style our websites. CSS is based on HTML Language. Using CSS we can tell how to display the HTML content. CSS syntax or rule consists of a selector block and a declaration block. 


Javascript is a scripting language. It is a language made for the development of the web page. Javascript is a lightweight programming language. This language can be used both for client-side and server-side development. It can manipulate data, calculate data and also validate data.

We can use javascript internally as well as externally. Externally by creating or writing another file with the extension .js and then linking to the HTML file. Like other programming languages like C, Java also contains data types like number, string, object, array, and function. 

Backend Development 

Backend Development is the development on the server-side. Every people cant see this side of website development. 


PHP is also a scripting language just like javascript. It is specifically designed for web development. And it is a server-side scripting language. PHP is an open-source language and is widely used. It is free to use and it executes on the server.

PHP supports almost all the database languages like MySQL, ODBC, SQLite. It has multiple level security hence is a secured language. The PHP file contains HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, and PHP code.


Python is mainly used in web development, system scripting, software development, and mathematics also. Python is a widely used high-level programming, multi-purpose language. It required a smaller number of code lines than other programming languages. The latest programming language python 3 is being used in web development, machine learning applications, and in all cutting-edge technology in the software industry.

For beginners python’s programming language is very suitable. In python programming, less typing than other programming languages make programmers readable all the time. These days Google, Amazon, Uber, Facebook, Instagram are all giant companies that are using python language.


NODE.JS provides easy scalability and it is easy to learn and code. It is used to build real-time web apps. With the NODE.JS we can do data streaming, data hosting, and provide support to corporations.NODE.JS is an open-source and cross-platform routine environment. It is built on chrome’s V8 javascript engine for executing javascript code outside a browser. 


Java is a popular platform that is mostly used for programming languages. It is a fast programming language with security and reliability.Java programming is very easy to learn and syntax is very simple, so it is easy to understand. It is much easier for programmers who learn C++. The programs that are written in any other programming language can be easily developed and run with the Java programming environment.

Some Common Frameworks 


Spring framework is a java framework. It is lightweight and provides comprehensive programming for modern java based applications. We can say that spring is a framework of frameworks because it supports other different frameworks like Hibernate, Tapestry. It is an open-source java platform and its size is around 2MB of its basic version.


Django is a python language framework. It is a web application-based framework. It is used to quickly create efficient web applications. It includes a built-in default database i.e SQLLite3. For a website or web development, we need components for authentication and others more and the Django framework has ready-made components for many features. 


Laravel framework is a PHP framework. It is also a web-based framework using PHP language. It is expressive and has elegant syntax. It is easy to understand. It uses the model-view-controller design pattern. 


Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework. It was made to create an easy responsive website. Bootstrap helps to view a website on a PC as well as a mobile device properly. And it is a free front-end framework. 


AngularJS is a javascript framework. It is used in an HTML document with a <script> tag. AngularJS extends HTML using directives. It is fully extensible. And work well with other libraries. 


Web Development is all about a website, its storage using a database, its coding using a programming language. The whole web development is based on frontend and backend development.

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