Want to hide personal chats on WhatsApp? This easy way will work, learn step by step process


WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging app. Personal chats of many people are also happening on this. But, when you give someone the phone, you don’t want them to see any of your private chats. In this way you can hide it on WhatsApp.

Apart from this, you can also hide non-essential chats. With this, you will not see such chats on the home screen of the app. For this you have to use the Archived Chats Folder feature. Even after a new message appears in the archived chats, it will not appear in the main list of the chat.

These archived chats will appear in the main list of WhatsApp only if you unarchive it manually. This feature was released by the company some time back. Earlier, when a new message came in the archived chat, the chat used to appear in the main list.

Here we are telling you step by step the complete way to hide WhatsApp chat. For this you have to first open WhatsApp on mobile. Once the app is open, hold and hold the chat you want to archive.

By holding and holding a chat, you will see the Archive button in the top bar. By clicking on this button, you can archive the selected chat. You can also archive all WhatsApp chats. For this, you have to go to More Options by tapping on Chats.

After that you have to go to Settings. After that you have to tap on Chats. From here you have to go to the chat history. After going to Chat History, click on Archive All Chats. Let us tell you that if someone tags you in the archive chat, then you will get their notification.

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