Use JioFiber free One year, apart from high-speed internet, many benefits are free


Reliance Jio wants to connect new customers to JioFiber. For this, he is giving many offers. The company is offering JioFiber service for free for one month to add new customers. Apart from this, the company is also giving a chance to use it for free for a year.

If you are a new JioFiber customer, then you are given a free trial for 30 days officially. To put it in simple language, all new customers of JioFiber are given its service free of cost for one month.

If you want only data then Jio will charge you a refundable amount of Rs 1500. In this plan, you get 150Mbps speed without any data limit and WiFi ONT Modem. If you want to subscribe to OTT platforms with this broadband connection, then you will have to deposit a refundable amount of Rs 2500. This is also free for one month for new customers. In this, a subscription of 13 OTT platforms is given.

Let us tell you that 150Mbps speed is given only during the trial period. After this, benefits are available according to the subscribed plan. If you don’t want a subscription, you can still run it for a year. For this, the company gives promotional offers.

Jio gives JioFiber service free for one month to those customers who give new references. That is, if a customer has taken JioFiber after referring you, then you and your friends will get JioFiber service for one month for free.

You can refer it multiple times in a year. There is no limit to this. If you get 12 people a new JioFiber connection from your referral, then you will get free service for 12 months i.e. one year. For this, you can refer to it by going to the My Jio app and selecting Refer a friend option by going to JioFiber.

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