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UPI Payments: How to transfer money after the daily limit of Google Pay is exhausted?

New Delhi. This is the era of digital payment. Whether you want to send or send money from someone, you think about UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Meaning that you prefer to do transactions through Google Pay, Phone Pay or any other UPI payment.

Although people use the easy app according to their choice or user experience. Google Pay is very easy to use. That’s why a lot of people use it. But payment cannot be made more than one limit per day through Google Pay or other UPI apps. So today we will tell you about the limit of Google Pay and also tell that if you want to send more money than the limit then what are the ways to get it.

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Transfer limit in one day

The Reserve Bank of India has put a limit of one day for making transactions through UPI. This limit is up to Rs 1 lakh. If you want to transfer even 1 rupee more than this, then you will not be able to do it. Apart from this, you cannot request more than Rs 2,000 in a day through the app, meaning you can ask for Rs 2,000 from anyone.

Generally these are the two limits. But sometimes users are unable to transfer even Rs 1 lakh. The reason for this could be their limit set by their bank. Meaning your bank can allow you to transfer only 50 thousand or any other amount in a day. In this situation, you will not be able to transfer even Rs 1 lakh through UPI. The solution is to contact your bank.

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There is another kind of limit that you cannot do more than 10 transactions in a day on all your UPI apps. If you want to do more transactions in 10 days then your app will reject it.

How to transfer money after limit

As we have already told you that this limit is set by the Reserve Bank of India, so no app can break this rule. In such a situation, you have some ways to transfer money, which you can use. These include online net banking, NEFT and IMPS. Or you can do this work offline by going to the bank.

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