Twitter scared of Koo? Fake-troll accounts are also being verified


Twitter’s verification policy is once again in controversy. Now many handles are also being verified which are fake or are not eligible as per the verification policy.

Twitter has now started giving blue badges to fake accounts as well. Twitter’s verification policy is crumbling once again. Is the company scared of Koo or has the verification policy not been implemented properly?

Microblogging website Twitter has recently come up with a new verification policy. A big controversy has started regarding this. The controversy is that the company is now verifying the Twitter handle of fake accounts, bot accounts, and troll accounts as well.

Twitter’s policy clearly states that the company will not verify fake, bot, parody, or troll accounts. but it’s not like that. There are many handles that are trolls and they have been verified. However, the company has also removed some handles, admitting its mistake. But still, this issue is not resolved.

Before this, Twitter was very strict about verification. The company used to verify only the credit accounts. Now the company is also verifying such accounts which were earlier troll accounts and later the handle was changed.

Why is this happening? Is Twitter now scared of Indian microblogging platform Koo? Actually, by creating an account on Koo, getting more followers and getting verification is easier than on Twitter. In such a situation, people are sharing screenshots on Twitter by getting their verification.

Some users have become more active on Koo due to these reasons. In such a situation, perhaps Twitter has also started verifying all types of accounts, right or wrong, to retain its users. Although many eligible accounts have not been verified yet, while the accounts of trolls have been verified.

Now know how Twitter is verifying the fake handle

There is a programmer named Ajendra who has discovered how Twitter has verified a fake handle. According to Ajendra, the account named Ishwar Chaudhary has now been verified. This account was earlier run in the name of Mithun Chakraborty, Kangana Ranaut and Saumya Pandey, that is, a parody account.

According to programmer Ajendra, usernames have also been changed repeatedly from this handle. He has also shared a screenshot where it is being confirmed that this account has been on Twitter with different usernames.

He has also shared screenshots of some tweets. It can be seen that trolling of others is being done with this handle. Not only this, objectionable words have also been used in the tweet.

This is an example. Apart from this, there are many such accounts which are fake and have been verified by the company. A fake website is created and handles are made as its CEO and editor. This was also verified by Twitter.

People’s anger can also be seen on Twitter about this matter. Many eligible accounts are not getting verified, but fake and troll accounts are being verified. In such a situation, his anger is also justified.

Twitter Verification Tips?

To verify the Twitter of journalists, the company asks them for links to some articles published in a publication. In such a situation, articles have been published by creating accounts on some portal on behalf of some fake accounts. The verification badge is being obtained by giving this link to Twitter.

Twitter accepted…

Recently, Twitter has admitted that some fake accounts were also verified by mistake. They have been suspended. This also makes it clear that there is a problem in the company’s verification process.

Many people also believe that if the company will verify parody and fake accounts or any normal accounts, then gradually the verification will not mean anything. Users are also afraid that if they make a request by tagging a government official or someone else, then they will not even be heard, because gradually all types of accounts are getting blue badges right and wrong.

The company had put the public verification application on hold for several years. Recently it was restarted. Now once again the controversy has started over the company’s verification policy. In such a situation, now it will be interesting to see what steps the company takes in this regard.

Is the company scared of Koo?

Actually, people are getting verification fast on Koo. Koo is an Indian micro blogging platform. In such a situation, it is possible that Twitter will be scared. The fear is that if people shift to Koo for verification, then Twitter’s userbase will decrease. That’s why they should be stopped by giving them a blue badge on Twitter itself.

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