Twitter may have the option to edit tweets, may have to pay money in return


Twitter users have been demanding the edit button for a long time. Earlier, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey refused to introduce this feature, saying that it would never have an edit button. However, Twitter provided the Undo button with a blue subscription. Now news is coming that the edit button can be given on Twitter.

Twitter’s Head of Product Kavyon Beykapur is asking users if they are ready to pay for the edit button. According to the report, Twitter is working on the edit button. This button can be kept limited for paid subscribers.

For this Kavyon Beykapur has done a poll. He has done this poll with his personal handle. In this, he has asked the users if they get the option to edit within a few minutes of tweeting, then will they subscribe to it.

For this, he has asked for the opinion of the users in Yes or No. In this poll, 68.4 users have replied in no, while 31.6% users have said to pay for the edit feature. From this poll it seems that Twitter is working on this feature.

Regarding this, Kavyon Beykapur has also given a hint that the tweet can be edited after a few minutes of posting. Dorsey hinted in 2020 that the edit button can never be given on Twitter.

He said that the original decision of Twitter was earlier like SMS, text message service. After sending it cannot be backed up. Twitter launched Blue subscriptions in Australia and Canada last month. Many features have been given in it. There is also a feature of Undo Tweet in this.

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