Twitter also gave blue ticks to fake accounts, know what happened next


A few months ago, the micro-blogging site Twitter resumed the verification program. With the verification program, users have the option to apply for a blue tick. Twitter gives blue ticks to noble users. But it also verified some fake accounts by mistake.

On realizing the mistake, Twitter told that some of those accounts were verified by mistake. As soon as this is detected, those accounts have been removed under the manipulation and spam policy. Twitter resumed the verification process in May.

Regarding the verification process, Twitter had told that this blue tick is given to those who are authentic, notable and active. Twitter admitted to the mistake and said that it had also verified some fake accounts.

A Twitter spokesperson told that the verification badges of those accounts have been removed and they have been suspended forever. This suspension has been done under the manipulation and spam policy. The company discontinued the verification program in 2017.

Twitter has previously reported that it may take some time to review the request for verification. These requests are reviewed by individuals to ensure that all your application material can be reviewed.

The company also told that if they get too many verification requests, they will stop the verification request for some time so that the old backlog can be cleared. For verification, the account should be active for the last 6 months and it should follow certain criteria.

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