How to turn on speed limit warning in Google Maps, here’s step by step guide


The speed limit function of Google Maps tells the users the speed limit of the road and gives a warning on crossing the limit. Also, Google Maps tells users their driving speed as well.

However, Maps also asks to check the speed cross on the speedometer of the car. That is, users cannot completely depend on the speedometer given in the app. Let us tell you that while navigating the speed limit appears on the bottom left corner of the map.

Google Maps made the on-screen speedometer available to users for the first time in the year 2019. However, then it was made available only to select users in Asia, Europe, South America, UK, and the US. Later gradually the on-screen speedometer was made available to more users around the world.

Along with this, Google also tells the speed limit of the area in which users are located. However, the speed limit function is currently not available for all regions. If the speed limit feature is available in your area, then we are going to tell you how to enable it here. However, Google forbids users to rely entirely on the on-screen speedometer.

Activate Speed ​​Limit in Google Maps:

In Google Maps, the speed limit is visible on the bottom left corner of the map. We are going to tell you here how you can turn on an Android smartphone.

For this, first, you have to open Google Maps.

After this, you have to click on the profile picture in the top right corner.

After this, you have to go to the settings.

After this scrolling will have to come to the navigation setting.

After this, you have to go to the speed limits setting. Users can toggle it on-off here.

After doing this, Google Maps will alert you when the speed limit is crossed on the road.

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