Talk about work! Keep yourself safe on social media in these 8 ways, the government advised!


Social Media Safety Tips: With the advent of social media, we stay connected to everything around the world. But as our life is getting easier with social media and messaging apps, at the same time it also comes with new dangers. Hackers are engaged in carrying out new types of frauds every day on social media. In such a situation, it is important that we keep all kinds of precautions in mind with the use of social media. The official Twitter handle of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has given 8 ways to stay safe on social media, using which you can keep yourself safe.

1-Block your profile from public search.
On social media like Facebook, you get such an option, through which you can secure your profile. In this way not everyone will be able to search you.

2-Log out after each session
Always logout after using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Ku. This reduces the risk of hacking. Many times we login to our social media on someone else’s laptop, phone, or public medium, so it is always safe to logout.

3-Never share social media credentials with anyone
Do not share your social media details like password information with anyone. Doing so may put your account at risk.

4-Never accept friend requests from unknowns.
There are all kinds of people on social media, so don’t accept everyone’s friend request. Some people also create fake accounts to cheat.

5-Avoid mentioning home or work address
Many times on social media, we write the location along with putting a post or a photo. In such a situation, the thing to note is that do not enter your home or office address on social media, so that someone can track you.

6-Never click on suspicious links
Whenever you come across any kind of link on social media, which sometimes makes strange claims, avoid clicking on it. Hackers send links, clicking on which there is a risk of hacking the account.

7-Privacy Setting Restriction
Restrict your privacy settings on social media as much as possible. Put more security on the profile, especially for the public.

8-Apply maximum cautions while sharing photo, shots and more…
Use maximum caution when posting photos, statuses or comments on social media.

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