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Talk about work! How to Create PDF File of Any Document on Android/iPhone, Easy Way

PDF Convert Trick: Students often have to submit their documents in PDF. Although most of us think that it is necessary to use a laptop or PC to create PDF, but let us tell you that it is easy to convert documents, photos to PDF even from Android and iOS devices. There is a problem in sending a lot of photos or large documents again and again, in such a situation, converting all the photos to PDF and sending them reduces a lot of trouble.

In such a situation, even if you want to know how to make a PDF file on the phone, then there is no problem. Let us know how PDF file can be created in the phone…

Step 1- First of all open Google Drive app.
Step 2- At the bottom right side there will be a button of Add, tap on it.
Step 3- Tap on ‘Scan’.
Step 4-Take the photo of the document which you want to scan.
After this, scan the scan area, then crop it.

Step 5- Take the photo again, then re-scan on the current page.
Step 6- Then scan the second page as well, then tap on Add.
Step 7-Tap on Done to save the document again.

How to Create PDF File on iOS
Step 1- Open Notes on iPhone or iPad.
Step 2- Create a new note or tap on an existing Dock to add a document to it.
Step 3- Tap on the Camera button at the bottom of the screen or above the keyboard.
Step 4- Tap on Scan Documents.
Step 5- Line-up the document you want to scan.
Step 6- If the scanner does not automatically scan the document, tap the shutter button.
Repeat this step for each document you want to scan.
Step 7- After scanning all the required pages, tap on Save.

You can also create PDF online…
If you face any problem in the above steps or do not understand that method, then you can make any document through online also. There are many websites online for this.

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