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Talk about work! How to add songs of your choice in Instagram Reels, it is very easy way

Instagram Reels: Meta’s photo sharing app Instagram is very popular among people. Users used to get the option to share only posts on it, and then gradually many options came on it, one of which is the option to create reels. Yes, after the closure of Tiktok, the reel of Instagram became increasingly popular and people started making a lot of reels on it.

Making reels is a lot of fun. People can make their own videos with different effects on it. Adding music along with stickers on the video increases the fun of the video. In such a situation, if you also want to add music while making reels, then we are going to tell you a very easy way…

Step 1-First of all open Instagram app on your phone.

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Step 2- On the homepage, swipe left, or tap on the ‘+’ icon on the top right side, from which you have to select the reels.

Step 3-Now tap on Music icon from the list of icons given on the left side.

Step 4-Select the song from Instagram Library.

Step 5-Move the bar down and select the segment of the song.

Step 6- After this tap on Done.

Step 7-Tap on the shutter button to start recording.

Step 8-Now tap on Preview and select Next.

Step 9-Now you will get the option by which you will be able to change the cover photo of your Instagram reel, and then share on tap.

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Let us tell you that while making a reel, you can also use the audio of any other reel. However, for this you will have to save the audio beforehand.

After this, to use it, you have to go to the Reels section and select the Audio banner, and then go to Saved Audio and select the song of your choice.

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