Surely you would not know this great trick of WhatsApp! Will work on forwarding the photo



WhatsApp Trick: WhatsApp has made life easier for all of us. Whether to send photos, send contacts or live location anywhere, all the work is done easily on WhatsApp. It is also easy to forward any message, media file, link on WhatsApp. But on forwarding the photo, its caption gets removed. But do you know that you can forward any photo with caption on WhatsApp. Yes, there is such a trick, with the help of which users will be able to forward any photo and its caption will not be removed.

If you too always write the caption again while forwarding the photo and are looking for a way so that the caption does not disappear, then we are telling you the easy way…

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Step 1- For this, first open WhatsApp, and then go to the photo you want to forward.

Step 2-Long press and hold on the image. After this you will see many icons like ‘Reply’, ‘Star’, ‘Delete’, ‘Share’ and ‘Forward’ in the top right.

Step 3-From there, tap on the ‘Share Icon’. The thing to note is that you do not have to tap on the ‘Forward’ icon here.

Step 4-‘After tapping on the ‘Share’ icon, you will see the option of all social media and other apps. From here you have to select the ‘WhatsApp’ icon.

Step 5- Then tap the chat or group you want to send the image to, and then tap the tick button in the bottom right.

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Step 6-After this, you will get the option to edit the photo and caption before sending it. Let us tell you that you can make changes if needed, or you can also send it by tapping on the ‘Send’ button at the bottom right.

Important thing- There is a rule to adopt this trick that you can use this process to forward only one photo at a time to share it with caption.

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