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Social media is mainly a platform for people to share their thoughts & other things with others. Through it, people can interact with a lot of other people across the world. Know in detail what is Social media, & the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social media. Also get details about Popular Social media Platforms, its uses & its applications. So, check the article on Social Media till the last to get every detail about it.

What is Social media?

Social media is a very vast platform where people can share their posts like images, videos, and many other multimedia elements. Using social media we can interact with many other known and unknown people through the internet. Many people in this world get famous by using social media. With the help of social media, we can communicate with those family relations or friends who are far from us even out of our country. 

Not even to make communication but if we have any unique talent in us or have any business and some new ideas to do something new, we can spread it on social media platforms. There are so many social media platforms that we can use such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, WeChat, QQ, Tumblr, Qzone, Pinterest, etc.

These are some social media platforms that we can use and explore more new things. Every social media has its own unique way to use them. In some ways, social media is very useful for everyone including youngsters and adults. Adults have their maturity, experiences, solid decision making, multitasking, and many more and youngsters have new thinking. According to the current atmosphere, they can use their skills and explore new things through social media platforms.

Social media has some drawbacks nowadays, there is an issue of losing personal data and privacy. On social media, there may be many problems. One of them is HACKERS can steal our personal data and sometimes our precious data is not secure on such platforms.  Social media has many advantages with some disadvantages : 

Advantages of social media : 

  • Social media works on the internet so using these platforms we know how to use the internet.
  • We can make communicate with our family and friends with those who are not near us.
  • Every social media has many features on its platforms like video calls, audio calls, sending texts, the transformation of images, graphics, and many more useful things.
  • If you are a student then some of the social media platforms like youtube and others are also very useful for you. Students can communicate with their tutors via social media. students can find information about their studies.
  • If you have any business then you can use social media platforms as a marketing place like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, youtube, etc, you can post your products or things on social media to the customers.
  • Overall we can say that social media is useful for everyone, no matter whether they are youngsters, influencers, businessmen, students, teachers, men, women, etc.

Disadvantages of Social media :

  • Sometimes social media is not so secure and may cause loss of privacy.
  • There is a risk of inaccurate and false information get through the posts.
  • Social media causes distraction for the students’ lives, they can get distracted by it.
  • Nowadays people get too attached to these platforms, they spend lots of their precious time on social media. 
  • More use of phones and any other equipment may affect our eyes, harmful blue rays come out from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and more. They have short wavelengths which may have a bad effect on our eyes.
  • Social media websites are notorious for cyberbullying, many people troll on social media, people stock up on these platforms which is a huge disadvantage of using this platform.

So, here we get that as well as being advantages social media have some disadvantages too.

One thing that is the very big disadvantage of social media nowadays is spreading fake news. Social media is a very large platform where billions of active users are there , here some bad community or people spread fake and useless news and the spreading of fake news is done by us also because without researching anything we forward it to other people and it leads to a situation of panic or misguidence to many people. People should first try to do some research of what the news is about and if it is correct or not. 

Social media platforms are not just a place where we can post, share thoughts, images, and communicate with other persons but also we can earn money using these websites. There are so many websites where we can earn money in different ways. Like: on youtube, we can earn money with how many subscribers we have on our channel and views, on Instagram we can get money on our posts and no . of followers we have, here is an app for women who want to do something for himself and want to earn money they can create their account on the Meesho app. These social media apps, websites are for everyone as students, youngsters, adults, men, women, anybody can use this and can get the benefits of this.

People ask whether social media is a good platform or bad; it all depends upon you how you use these websites in a good way or a bad way. Before using this you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. It has been seen many times that people who use this too much have an increased risk of anxiety, depression, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts. 

We should use social media but with our understanding and prudence , we know what is good for us and what is wrong , we should always remember that we don’t get distracted  from our goals which we want to achieve . With social media we get aware of what is happening around us and are updated , which is most important. This time we should be aware of our world , our country , our nearby areas and get updated by these websites . In this busy schedule where everyone is busy in their own way this social media is the only way to stay in touch with their loved ones .  

This platform can become an amazing place to spread information faster in the whole world and make the world connected. It is our responsibility not to spoil this opportunity to make it so.

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Through this post, we have tried to give all the information about social media to all of you, we have also told what are the advantages of media and what are the disadvantages.

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