Russia Ukraine War: What’s up with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube? Somewhere there was a ban, someone stopped earning


Russia Ukraine War: Tech companies have also joined the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. It is also starting to have an effect on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Russia’s action on these platforms is affecting their service.

Tech companies have also joined the war between Russia and Ukraine. Twitter has informed on Saturday that access to Twitter has been blocked for many users in Russia. On Friday, Russia said that it is partially limiting access to the meta platform Facebook. Russia has accused Facebook of censoring.

Twitter not working properly

Twitter has said that it is working on keeping its service safe and accessible. However, Twitter has not yet given information about whether Russia has talked to them about any action or not. According to the report of Internet Blockage Observatory NetBlocks, Twitter has been blocked on major networks.

In other reports on Saturday, it was told that the speed of Twitter has reduced and there is a problem in sending tweets. Russia has been accused of controlling big tech companies and the Internet. Last year also Russia has slowed down the speed of Twitter in the country. Russia said that this step has been taken because of not removing illegal content from the platform.

Facebook and YouTube are also taking action

Let us tell you that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has now entered the cyber world. Both the countries are doing cyber attacks on each other. On the other hand, on Saturday, YouTube has banned Russian media RT and other Russian channels from earning money from its platforms. That is, not all these channels can earn money from the ads appearing on YouTube. Facebook has also taken a similar step, after which Russia has limited its access. Russia accuses Facebook of censoring.

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