Record WhatsApp calls with this Trick, the trick will work in both iPhone and Android


WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging app. Many people prefer to make calls through WhatsApp only. For this, the option of calling has already been given in WhatsApp. With this, you can call other WhatsApp users. It lacks a feature. Its calls cannot be recorded officially, but there are some ways by which you can record WhatsApp calls as well.

To record WhatsApp calls, many people ask its methods on Google. Many ways have been told about this. Here we are telling you the easiest way by which you can record WhatsApp voice calls.

Let us already tell you that there are different methods for this for Android and iPhone. First of all, let’s talk about how to record WhatsApp call on iPhone. After this, we will talk about how to record WhatsApp calls on Android.

You will need a MacBook to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone. First of all, connect your MacBook and iPhone. Once connected, click on QuickTime. After this, go to the file selection and select the option of a new audio recording. After this, before calling someone WhatsApp, click the record button in QuickTime.

With this, the recording will also start with the start of the call. The recording will also stop when the call is completed. After that, you save this file. Recording WhatsApp calls on Android is much easier than on iPhone. There are many apps here for this.

To record a WhatsApp call on an Android phone, first, you have to download the Cube Call Recorder app. Open this app. After that, you start the WhatsApp call. After making a WhatsApp call, you will see the Cube Call Widget. By clicking on it you can start call recording. If this widget is not visible during WhatsApp calls then this app is not compatible with your phone.

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