Now your data is going to be safe in WhatsApp, the company is testing this special feature


WhatsApp has released new features for Android beta users. The Facebook-owned company is now independently encrypting your backups in the cloud and this feature can be seen on the Android beta update. Currently, in the stable version of WhatsApp, the backups are saved on the third-party app Google Drive.

By the way, WhatsApp chats are encrypted. Even WhatsApp itself cannot read them. But, the same cannot be said about the data backed up in the cloud. If the authorities want legally, they can access this data by speaking to Google. Also, there is a danger of hackers on this data. But, after the new cloud data encryption of WhatsApp, this threat will not be there.

So how does encryption work? All your chats will be password protected. In such a situation, you will have to create a password, using which you will be able to restore all your chats. Keep in mind that if you forget your password, WhatsApp will not be able to restore your chat history.

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According to WaBetaInfo, these passwords will be private and will not be shared with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or Apple. This feature also supports 64-digit encryption keys, which can also be used to restore passwords.

WhatsApp will help generate a random 64-digit encryption key. But if you forget this key then you will not be able to access all your data. Along with this, WhatsApp has also added a feature called HD Photos. With this, users will be able to select the quality of the photo that they want to share with their contacts.

Android beta testers will get three different options to select the quality. The first of these will be the best quality. It can be understood from the name itself. However, it seems that WhatsApp is not giving the option to send the image in very high-quality. Photos will still be compressed. Even if it is a compression light.

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According to the report, WhatsApp is actually applying a compression algorithm. The company is keeping about 80 percent of the original quality and if the image is larger than 2048×2048 pixels, then it will probably be resized. 70 percent of the quality remains in the old configuration, but large photos are always resized.

According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp can increase the percentage of the original quality to offer better quality images. The other two options that users will get will be ‘Auto’ and ‘Data Saver’. At present, it is not clear when the company will bring these features to the stable version.

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