Netflix brings TikTok-like feature Fast Laugh, this is how it will work


There has been a race in short video apps since TikTok. Whether it is Facebook or YouTube, every platform is bringing a short video app or such feature. Now it’s Netflix.

The streaming platform Netflix has launched a vertical video feature called Fast Laugh. This feature is similar to TikTok, but it is also quite different from it. The concept is the same.

Netflix users can now watch short funny videos here. For continuous viewing, you have to go swiping like a tick talk and short videos will keep you moving on the mobile. Since Netflix has a large library of video content available, videos will also come from there.

The company will currently focus on the Fast Laugh feature on funny videos. Where clips from Netflix’s comedy-based series and shows will be used. The company has also said that not only content of Netflix original will be seen here, but video clips can be shown from the entire library.

Talking about the special features of Fast Laugh One, you can also share short clips with each other from here. You can also share clips on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Parental control will also be given in this Fast Laugh feature of Netflix. From here, parents will be able to decide that the youngest child does not have access to adult content. For now, this feature is being released only in some countries. It is not clear when this feature will come in India, but there is a big market for Netflix and short video in India, so the company can launch it in India as well.

Netflix has said that this feature is currently available for iPhone users of select countries. But the company is also testing for Android. Therefore, this feature will also be given to Android users.

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