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Multimedia is mainly a source of Information. Know in Details What is Multimedia, its Elements & Applications. Also Check What is the Use of Multimedia in Education, Advertising, Business, Entertainment & Web. Check this Article to check every detail about Multimedia and its uses in your life. Multimedia includes many types media such as video, audio app & many more together. So, check this article till the last and get every detail related to it.


What Is Multimedia

Multimedia is communal media. It is a source of communication. It provides interaction between users and digital information. It allows many ways to represent information to the user in a very interactive manner. There are many fields in which multimedia performs a great role like education, medical, business presentation, reference material, documentaries, and advertising, etc.

Multimedia includes many media together like video, app, audio ( their sound effect, editing) photography, web, video games, graphics, animation, photos, text. 

Media is plural and its singular is medium through which we share our thoughts or views to another one by text, television, radio. This connects people together. Multimedia is a way of conveying our message. Imagine a video without color or a video without sound or music without sound or a website without color or without graphics how it appears something like missing and will not be attractive or interactive. No one wants to interact with it so multimedia is very necessary for our daily routine.

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Elements of Multimedia 

There are some basic elements of multimedia.

  1. Text
  2. Audio
  3. Video
  4. Animation
  5. Graphics
  1. Text – Text is the basic element of Multimedia and it includes the use of text type, fonts, size, color, background color. With the use of text, we can create a heading, description of what is showing on the screen. We can link other media or screens with the use of Text and this process is known as Hypertext. In Multimedia, Text size is important because it creates the difference between the heading, subheading, and other content used. There are lots of different types of font, the color that we can use in our text for attractive representation.
  1. Audio – Audio is another basic element of multimedia that is used to convey our emotions and ideas to other people. It is very basic to interact with people and be connected with them. In many media like television, radio, video it makes them attractive. In our education field, there are many projects given to the students to represent in the form of presentations in which audio is very helpful to keep our project very attractive. By conveying our messages to other people we can best in our education. It provides better attention to the people so that they can understand things without getting bored.
  1. Video-  Video is also one of the other basic elements of multimedia that provides basic understanding. It is very helpful in many areas like education and the medical field. In the education field, it provides a better understanding by visualizing things so that we can observe things in a better way. In the medical field by screening method, they can see the problems on screen and can cure them before time. There is a technique through which we can see the problems within our body with the help of a pill camera which is also a source of multimedia in which video is used to see things by introducing the pill camera in our body during diagnosis.
  1. Animation- Animation is one of the common multimedia elements. Animation includes the movement of many images i.e when some images are in motion then it is called animation. Animation is used in many places because it is more attractive than a static image. It increases visual interest and brings attention to information. Animations are generally made using Photoshop, Flash, Blender. These platforms provide trial and then paid features of making and editing animation very easily and efficiently.
  1. Graphics- Graphics is an important part of multimedia since humans are visually oriented i.e human beings learn best by what they see. In Graphics, images including clip art, illustration, drawing, photograph, icons are its example. And it’s not like animation because there is no movement in these pictures. Graphics appear in many multimedia applications that provide communication through attractive visual effects.

Application of Multimedia –

Some applications of multimedia are –

  • Multimedia in education
  • Multimedia in advertising 
  • Multimedia in business
  • Multimedia in entertainment
  • Multimedia in web 
  • Electronic messaging 

Multimedia in education

Nowadays education has become so hard and very costly and there is a big competition in this field. Here is a big role of multimedia in the education field. In the place of a textbook, the topic can be understood very well on a multimedia CD. On the multimedia CD, the topics became very easy to understand and interesting also. They can be well explained with video, audio, color, and with images, with the help of projector and multimedia CD in high quality so the things can be visualized very clearly.

There are many social platforms and institutes are available for the preparation of higher exams. These social platforms are here only because of multimedia. And it provides graphics and all the things that are used under these social platforms just because of multimedia technology so this is very widely helpful in the education field.

Multimedia in advertising

Multimedia can be helpful in advertising also.

There are many things in the world that we know only with the help of advertisements. 

Advertisement is a great way to explore things in the world and this is easy only with the help of multimedia technology. It provides marvelous graphics, color, background color, images, audio, and video. Which presents our thoughts in a very grateful manner. It helps to proselytize our business, our legacy.

Multimedia in business

Multimedia is very helpful in our business to present our ideas and views to our dealer partners. With the help of multimedia, we can make our presentation very good. 

It is helpful in our business to keep our data for a very long time. And it is very easy to find them also because by the use of multimedia we can create different folders for different documents and can rename them. 

Multimedia in entertainment

Sometimes we get bored because of our work and feel very stressed. Then we want to rest. And sometimes our mind wants to relax by diverting it to something else. By relaxing our Harmons we can feel happy and very relaxed that increases the efficiency of our brain to do any work. So entertainment is very important in our life that can be possible just because of multimedia. It moves the objects and sees them very well with the help of color audio. And can make things understandable by changing the language that we want. It is mostly used in video gaming and providing them color and animation makes them very interesting.

Multimedia in electronic messaging

Electronic messaging plays a very important role in many official works to send messages from one organization or person to another. Nowadays we know that because of covid we can’t attend our class our project our assignment offline basis so all the things are managed by the online process in which we send our assignment by the help of mail or through any app with the help of attachment and mentioned our name by texting all these things are done only by multimedia.. 

Science and technology

There is a wide source of multimedia in science and technology. This helps people connect with the help of video and audio or by the help of meetings. It is very less time-consuming and no more costly. They can work at different places and connect at the same time just because of multimedia.


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