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Linux Operating System

This article contains basic details about LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM. It is a type of software that helps in making connections between the software and hardware. Intro to Linux operating systems, this article also included their basics, like pieces of  Linux operating system that have content like graphical server, Daemons, bootloader, etc. It also included components, features of the Linux operating system, their basics, and how to install a Linux OS. Read this article till the end, so you can get details about Linux OS.

Linux Operating System

Linux is an operating system used as software that helps in managing hardware and resources. Simply we can say that communication between hardware and software is managed by the operating system Linux. It has no cast, can be used freely and its code source is openly available. Linux was designed regarding UNIX compatibility and has similar functionality to that of UNIX. Linux is needed for the function of the software. 

Some Pieces of Linux Operating System 

  • Graphical Server
  • Daemons
  • Bootloader
  • Desktop Environment
  • Application-

Graphical Server- These are just a subsystem which works on graphics. These are referred to as either X Server or X.

Daemons – These are the background services. Background services like printing, scheduling, etc. So these perform services that either start executing during boot or after we log into our desktop. 

Bootloader – Bootloader is as the name implies boot, it manages the boot process of the computer. So it is called a Boot Manager. Boot loaders are to be installed for Linux. Some common Boot Loaders are LILO(Linux Loader), LOADLIN(LOAD LINUX). 

Desktop Environment – Desktop is the part using which the user interacts with. Desktop includes all the services that we can perform on the computer. Many Desktop environments are there like GNOME, Mate, Pantheon, KDE, etc. And all the desktop environments include built-in applications.

Application- In Linux OS, the desktop environments do not offer the same number and features of applications like Windows and Mac OS. They have some specific applications and features. They include store-like tools that simplify and centralize applications. Very common Ubuntu Software which is the rebrand of GNOME Software allows searching in thousands of applications. 

Components of Linux Operating System 

  •  Kernel
  • System Library
  • System Utility

Kernel – Kernal is a core part of any operating system. So it’s also a core part of Linux OS and is responsible for all the activities of the Operating System. Kernel directly interacts with computer hardware or we can also say it set-up a communication between device and software. And also manages the system resources.

System Library – System Library contains special functions using which the application program gets access to the features of the kernel. Application has to trigger the kernel to perform a task. But the important thing for an application is how to place the system calls because the kernel has various sets of system calls. The most known system library for Linux Operating System is Glibc (GNU C library).

System Utility – Linux Operating system has a set of many utility tools. This system utility software program is designed for specialized, individual-level tasks.

Features of Linux Operating System

  • Open Source
  • Flexible Operating System
  • Multi-User
  • Multiprogramming
  • Security
  • Shell 
  • Software Updates 
  • Best for Programmer

Open Source – Linux source is available as an open-source means it is available freely and based on community development projects. 

Flexible Operating System – Linux operating system is a flexible operating system.  Various customization options are supported by it. As we know, it is a flexible operating system to be used for server applications, desktop applications, and embedded systems. Or can even be found in our car, phone, Laptop, PCs and in the refrigerator also.

Multi-User – Multi-User means many users accessing the application program at the same time. Linux provides us this feature.

Multiprogramming – Linux is a multiple programming system so we can run multiple applications at the same time.

Security –By using password protection/ encryption of data/ controlled access to specific file-like authentic features Linux system provides security to the users.

Shell – Various operating programs, like call application programs, are done with the help of Linux systems. For accomplishing commands of the operating system Linux provides an interpreter program.

Software Updates – One more essential point in the operating system is the system updates, Linux provides efficient and faster updates to fix the issues we face but it’s not in the Windows OS.  

Reliability- As we know with time our computer slows down and causes disturbances in our work so with the Linux operating system we get faster and smoother services as result there’s no need for a re-installation.

Best for Programmers – Linux Operating System is perfect for programmers because it supports almost all the programming languages like C, C++, Python, Ruby, etc. And is also best for programmers because it includes wide ranges for useful applications for programming.  

Important steps to install a Linux OS 

  • Requirement  – Firstly you have to check the requirements of the machine for installation.
  • Wireless Devices – If any device like a laptop has a wireless feature, we need a network connection for downloading a third-party application or software.
  • Space Allocation – or we can say hard drive allocation, in this step we have to check whether we need another operating system apart from Linux. If we want to install two operating systems we need to do dual booting.
  • Location – In this step, we need to select our location from the map.
  • Layout – Next we have to select a layout for our system. Generally, for the keyboard, we do this step. 
  • System User – Now we select the username and the password for the operating system. This is required for security purposes, it secures our system. 


Linux is a very secure operating system, the other operating system. It is used very commonly these days, also in between the computer students and field people. Linux is maximumly used for coding or development of software because it is open source, flexible, secured, free to use, and provides better community support. This makes Linux OS much better than Windows by Microsoft.

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