Lighting strips will be available on the back side of Nothing Phone (1), know the features


New Delhi. Nothing Phone (1) will be launched globally on 12 July. This will be the second product of OnePlus co-founder Carl Pai’s startup company. As the launch date of the Nothing Phone (1) smartphone is nearing, new information related to the phone is coming to the fore.

Before the launch, an exclusive look of the phone has surfaced. A new video has surfaced by famous YouTuber MKBHD showing the design and look of the smartphone. There are lighting strips on the back of the smartphone. Nothing calls it the glyph interface.

Glyph interface has been given in the phone
The Glyph interface on the back of the phone features 5 Lightning strips, which are reportedly made up of over 900 LEDs that glow either simultaneously or one after the other on the back of the phone to enable users to access things like charging, notifications and calls. To get more information about.

What can a Glyph interface do?
When the phone is held upside down, the glyph lights can pulse to indicate incoming calls or notifications.

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reverse wireless charging indication
When you are using the phone to wirelessly charge accessories such as the Nothing Ear (1) earbuds, the glyph lights around the wireless charging pad may light up.

Charging indication and progress bar
There is a circle and a strip in the glyph lights near the bottom of the phone. When the phone is charging, the circle will light up to indicate the same, while the strip above it will show how much the phone is charged.

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