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It is easy to turn off auto subscription of Netflix and Amazon Prime, here is the process

Netflix and Amazon Prime: With OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, people have a lot of entertainment sitting at home. Considering the convenience of the people, companies offer different types of plans, so that people can enjoy by recharging as monthly, quarterly or annual plans. But we must have noticed many times that on taking the plan, Netflix asks us to enter the card details, and then it remains on auto-renew. This means that after the end of your existing plan, the plan will be activated automatically, and your money is deducted.

Many of us do not understand where to turn it off, so today we are telling you how to turn off the auto subscription of Netflix and Primeā€¦

Step 1- First of all open Netflix portal from web browser and log in to your account.
Step 2- Tap on the three lines on the top left corner.
Step 3- After this tap on Account at the bottom of the menu.
Step 4- Then scroll down and tap on Update billing information.
Step 5-Now tap on Payment method.
Step 6- Then enter the information for your payment method.
Step 7- Choose one of the reasons to stop auto-payment on Netflix.

How to Turn Off Auto Subscription on Amazon Prime
Step 1- Go to Manage Prime Membership

Step 2- Check the renewal date given on the left side of the page.
If you still have a free trial pack of Amazon Prime left, click on Do Not Continue.

Note: If you choose Do Not Continue for your free trial, then you will continue to get its benefits until the free trial period is over. Your membership will then be terminated and no charge will be deducted from your payment card.

Step 3- If you currently have a paid membership of Amazon Prime, click on End Membership. This will prevent your Prime membership from automatically renewing at the end of your current 30-day subscription period.

Note: Paid members who have not used the benefits of Amazon Prime will be entitled to a full refund of fees.

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