It is easy to activate Live Caption on Google Chrome, it will be easy


Google Chrome Tips: Google Chrome is the default browser for most of us. Although we have been using Google Chrome for a long time, but still there are many features of it, which not everyone would know about. Let us know that using Live Caption in Chrome is quite easy. Come learn how you can turn on Live Caption for media you play in Chrome. Keep in mind that Live Caption is available in multiple languages.

Step 1- Chrome on your computer Open Chrome.

Step 2-In the top right, see More, then click Settings.

Step 3- At the bottom of the Settings page, go to Advanced, then Accessibility. Then click on Caption.

Step 4- After that turn on Live Caption.

important thing,
To turn on captions when you play a video, in the top right, click Media Controls. To use Live Caption in an Autoplay video, turn on the sound of the video.

Step 1-How To Turn On Google Chrome On Android Device Live Caption

Step 2-First of all go to your Android phone, and open Google Chrome.

Step 3-After this, click on the 3 dot icon coming in the right side.

Step 4-Now select the setting from the many options coming here.

Step 5- After that go to the Advanced tab and click on Accessibility.

Step 6- Here you will get many options, in which you have to click on the option of Captions shown at the bottom.

Step 7- Now you will get the option of Show Caption, then from here on by clicking on its toggle, turn it on.

Step 8-Here you will also get the option of Caption Size and Style, which you can change accordingly.

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