Isn’t it wonderful! This invisible headphone listens to music without hooking the device to the ear


New Delhi. If you can only listen to music without any earbuds, headphones or over-headphones and not the person sitting next to you, what would you call it? miracle or something. If you consider it a miracle, then this miracle has happened now. A company is about to launch such an invisible headphone, which can listen to music without the use of ears.

The sound coming out of this headphone will be heard directly in your ear without any wire connection. In appearance, this device will be like a speaker but will work with headphones. The Noveto N1 headphones will not actually be on your head but on your desk like a mini soundbar. But, it will transmit the sound directly to your ear.

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how does it work
The company first demonstrated this technology at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Noveto N1 is the first product of its kind that works as an invisible headphone. Instead of connecting to earphones, this device uses smart beaming technology to send voice directly to your work. This is called smart beaming technology.

In this technique, ultrasonic rays are sent to the ear of the user. These waves will create audible noise near the ear of the user, due to which the user hears the sounds. The amazing thing is that the voices emanating from the Noveto N1 cannot be heard by the person sitting next to the user. It can only be heard like a whisper. In this way, the user will have the experience of headphones without putting on headphones.

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Equipped with many features
The Noveto N1 Bar uses a motion sensor. It will track the movement and head of the users. With this, users will be in contact with ultrasonic waves and sound. The company says that this device will come with face recognition technology and will get the best smart assistant. It cannot be used as a portable device. It can be used at home or office only. This device looks like a soundbar. Control buttons are given above it. It also has 3.5mm audio jack, USB support, WiFi and Bluetooth. Its price has been kept at $800.

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