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International Yoga Day 2022: Apple iPhone users can keep themselves fit with these apps, see list

International Yoga Day 2022: People all over the world including India will celebrate International Yoga Day 2022 on 21st June. On this day, people will practice yoga on public platforms from place to place to keep their body and mind healthy. For the last two years, due to the corona epidemic, public programs were not being organized on Yoga Day. In such a situation, people are getting a lot of enthusiasm about Yoga Day this year.

In fact, during the Corona period, a large number of people were also seen paying a lot of attention to their health and to help them achieve a fit life, many companies have also introduced special fitness apps. So let us tell you the features of some such top apps, with the help of which you can easily achieve your fitness goal…

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Pragyan is one such app, whose purpose is to make people move from difficult to difficult yoga postures easily. This app tries to teach you Yogasanas directly on iPhone and Apple Watch. The Prayoghana app showcases the best use of watchOS and iOS technologies to teach yoga. On Apple Watch, this app provides a one of a kind, very unique experience.

The app teaches its users how to do yoga through audio streamed on Apple Watch. The Prayoghana app tracks movement on 17 joints in the body to assess your posture and at the same time informs you of the necessary corrections.

Yoga-Go is also a workout app with a customized fitness and weight loss plan. In this, users also get a healthy meal tracker. Along with this, many methods are told to make a toned body, how to balance emotions, and to make life easier. Yoga-Go is the source of an easy home-based yoga workout that takes only a few minutes of your time.

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Urbanyogi is an app that provides a personalized experience with a meditation guide. Along with this, motivation is available every day. Sleep gets treatment and personalized well-being coaching, which improves the way of life for all users.

Asana Rebel
Easy Rebel is an app that provides workout and yoga routines for the users. The app has a tailored experience that allows users to meet fitness goals with multiple challenges, routines, tips.

This is a very popular app for a fitness freak people. Apart from booking workouts, it also offers activities like workout routines, diet plans. Every workout or fitness session with cult.fit is designed to meet a goal – be it weight loss, cardiovascular exercise, strength, or stamina.

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