What Is HTML (HyperText Markup Language)? For Beginners


HTML stands for hypertext Markup Language. It is a very easy, simple, and only markup language for creating web pages. HTML used for creating web pages. It provides titles, headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, images, etc. It provides a structural format to show the content of web pages. It is very easy to understand.

HTML first developer Tim Burner Lee in 1990. It is used to create pages that are shown on the world wide web. Some pages include a series of connections to the other pages that are called hyperlinks. Some web pages we can see on the internet are written using Html.

Creating a web page,HTML uses  many tags and their attributes .Some basic tags are  <html> tags, <head> tags, <title >tag,<body> tag etc.

Versions of HTML

HTML is a markup language and it has evolved with various versions modifying. Each version has allowed users to create web pages much easier, making sites very efficient.

  • First version of HTML:  HTML 1.0; it was released in1993 .It is shared into information that can be readable and accessible to web browsers but developers were not satisfied with creating websites. So that is the reason that language was not growing.
  • After being released HTML 2.0 in 1995. this version has all the features of HTML 1.0. HTML 2.0 was released with a few additional features for designing and creating websites.
  • Then comes HTML 3.0 it makes improved new features of HTML.that was more powerful characteristics for designing web pages.
  • After HTML version 3.0 released versions HTML 4.0 it is widely used and a successful version of HTML.
  • HTML 5.0, the currently released version, is used worldwide.

Features of HTML

After studying the introduction of the HTML and its version and now we will discuss some of the features of HTML: 

  • HTML is a very simple and easy language that can be easily understood and modified.
  • HTML is an independent platform it supports all environments like windows, Linux. etc and that is the most important part of HTML.
  • In HTML,for attractive looks for your own web pages,videos,sounds,graphics etc. We can easily add these functions.
  • For attractive presentation in the web portal, we have used formatting tags and it is possible in Html
  • In HTML; multiple links can be added to a web page so that we can easily redirect to another page using listed links.

Application of HTML

  • In HTML, web contents for better display, we can use browsers like chrome, safari, etc.
  • For better presentation of Internet content in mobile, we use different mobile browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

The basic structure of HTML document :

Before we can start content to our document we need a basic structure to set up in our file.

The basic structure of any HTML document following sections or elements:

  1. The DTD (<!DOCTYPE > declaration).
  2. The main container (<html>element).
  3. The head section (<head> element).
  4. The body section <body>elemen).

The!DOCTYPE declaration : 

In every document to start with a basic declaration that identifies its type. It is a special tag <!DOCTYPE> that takes a particular form for each document type. It uses only present at the start of the document. The declaration writes at the top of the document.

The main container; HTML element : 

After declaration to create the main container; where a place expects the DTD.

This container is inserted with <html> element, which provides a good chance to define the language used by documents through the global attributes.

The head section : In <head> section inform about metadata document. Metadata divide into parts according to the element used : 

  • The document’s title: It contains the subject treated in the document it is inserted with the <title> element.
  • Style declaration: It is inserted with <Style> element it is used to set presentation attributes for the element.
  • Client side script : It is inserted with the <script> element.
  • Meta statement : they are declared with the<meta> element.
  • Relational information : It is inserted with the <link> element .

Syntax: <head> statement </head>

For example: <html>


                        <title>my first program</title>


                         ……..document element’s…….


The document’s Body: In this section to start writing our content like as heading, paragraph, image. etc.

HTML Element: The HTML element is shown by a starting tag (a tag that is written in angle brackets <> ) and it ends with a closing tag.

<opening tag> element content <closing tag  

Example : <h1>my first program </h1>

Basic tags of HTML

HTML has some basic tags : 

  • <Html> tag : The <html> is the first line of html document. It is contain for all other html tag.

Syntax : <html>

              Document element


  • <Head> tag : In<head> tag has written metatag like as document title, character set, script and other meta information.

Syntax: <head>

                Other element


  • <title> tag : <title> tag is the important tag that tag is used for given title in any webpage  which is create using html. It is write under <head> tag.

Syntax : <head>

              <title>my first program</title>


  • <body> tag : It is main tag of html document because in this tag contain all the content of html document. Body tag has many attributes like as background color, font size, margine, link, text etc.

Syntax : <body> 



  • Paragraph tag: In HTML document; It is use to adding a new paragraph.  Paragraph tag is represent as <p> tag.

This tag (<p>) defines a paragraph.

Syntax : <p>content</p>

  • Line break: In an HTML document; It is used to add a line break. line break tag is represented as <br> tag.

HTML heading: It is used create heading to display html document. It is represent <h> tag. It has <h1> to <h6> tag that is define html headings is going to largest to smallest section.

<h1> is largest and <h6> is smallest section.

Syntax : 







Advantages of HTML

  •  It is an independent platform.
  • It supports all browsers.
  • HTML is easy to learn, use and modify the language.
  • It is important for beginners in the web development field.
  • Html is used widely and globally.


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