How To Undo Accidentally Sent Mail On Gmail, Know The Simple Way



Many times we accidentally send an email to someone and then want to delete it.
In this case, you can use Gmail’s Unsend feature.
Gmail allows its users to unsend such emails.

New Delhi. You send many emails to people in a day, especially if you are working in corporate, you send emails to dozens of people everyday through Gmail and Outlook. Sometimes it happens that you send the wrong email to someone, or change your mind after sending the email. In this case you want to delete that email. In this case, you can use Gmail’s Unsend feature.

Very few people know that Gmail allows its users to unsend such emails, which you send by mistake, so let us tell you today how you can unsend an email on Gmail. It is worth noting that after sending the email, you only get some time to unsend the message.

When you send an email, you may have seen an option to send a message. There is also an option of Undo with View Message. To unsend your email, you have to click on Undo. Apart from this, users can also choose the time of any message recall if they want.

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How to Undo Messages
Login to your Gmail account and go to Settings in the top right corner. Here, you will get the option of See All Settings. Click on it. Now tap on Undo Send feature and select send cancellation period. Here you will get four options – 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds. Click on one of the options and then scroll down. Now you have to click on Save.

Please note that this cancellation period is set to 5 seconds on the Gmail mobile app. It cannot be changed. Now whenever you send this email again, you will see an option on the left side of your screen in which the first message sent will be written.

You can also edit message
Gmail users on desktop will see an undo link in a black box at the bottom left of the screen on desktop and at the bottom right on mobile. Once you’ve recalled an email, you can simply edit it, modify it, or compose a new email before sending it again.

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