How to earn money from tiktok 2024? Watch video

How to earn money from tiktok
how to earn money from tiktok 2020

Tiktok is one of the most used apps in the world. How to earn money from tiktok? This question is asked by every TikTok users. Many of the users don’t know how to earn money from tiktok. This is because there is a different method of earning from it. Like Youtube, there is no direct earning in it.

How to earn money from tiktok
how to earn money from tiktok 2024

At current times, tiktok popularity is increasing day by day. A lot of people especially the young generation are using this app. The popularity of this app is mostly in India than other countries. This app is downloaded more than 200 million times from Playstore so far. So, in this article, we will give you complete information about what is tiktok and how to earn money from tiktok.

What is TikTok or ( 

Tiktok is a short video creating application. Here you can entertain others by creating short dialogs, comedy videos. Through this app, you can make short videos and upload it. These videos are mostly 3 to 15 seconds long.

Tiktok was first launched with the name But, after some days its name changed to TikTok. In this application you get many songs and dialogs videos. You can make good videos even from your mobile. However, here most people do not get the need for editing.

Its videos are quite short but are very entertaining. So, this app becomes very popular quickly. Here, you can create more followers by uploading good & funny videos and can also earn money from it.

How to Create Video On TikTok

You have already known what is TikTok. Now you know how to create videos on tiktok. First you have to download this app. Android users can download it from Play Store and iOS users from the App Store. After that, you have to create an account to use it.

You can create your account either by using your mobile number or email. Users can also join with their Facebook account and create an account on it. Making videos on TikTok is quite easy. Just select music from here and create the video. Here are 5 steps to create video on tiktok.

  1. First open the App and click on the + button below.
  2. On the next screen, Pick a Sound option from the all you have received. However, user can also their own sound.
  3. After that, you will have a playlist of music. From that, select your favorite song, dialog, or music. Users can also select songs from their mobile by option ‘My Sound’.
  4. There are many options on the right side of your screen. Motion, Filters, Countdown, Beauty mode, Effects. Apart from this, you can also cut short your audio.
  5. Now it is time to record video. Here, the user can create a video from 3 to 15 seconds by clicking on the given option.
  6. After recording the video, You can add special effects and then publish it by adding Title and Hashtag.

After publishing your video, you share it on different social media platforms such as WhatsApp Facebook, etc.

How to earn money from TikTok

Earning money from tiktok is the question which all app user asks. So, here is the complete details how to earn money from tiktok. There are mainly 5 ways to earn money from tiktok. You can earn money by gifting a coin in live stream, brand partnership, selling merchandise, through Contest, or participating in a sponsored event. 

We all know that on tiktok you make 15-second videos. For making a video you need just 5 minutes or less. But this 5 minutes can let you earn more and more money. If you upload good and funny videos, this led to increase in followers.

So let’s know about these 5 methods in details so that you can earn money from this TikTok app.

1. Live streaming:

We all are totally aware about live streaming. In tiktok, it is also the method of erning. There is a live stream option on tiktok through which you can strem live with your fans. But, you can only get this option when you have 1000 or more fans. When you go live with your fans, your fans will give lots of emojis to you. These emojis can provide you money as for each emoji you get some coins. After that, you can redeem these coins and earn money from it.

2. Contest:

Contests are always a way to earn money everywhere. In tiktok also there is an option of contest. There are a lot of contests that are played in the app. Users participate in that contest and post video. If any video went into trending or gets selected during that contest, then user can win prizes. User can win prizes like $ 100, $ 1000 coupons, iPhone and other accessories too.

3. Gifts:

Through tiktok you can send or receive gifts. If the user have many followers, then the company sends him many gifts. This can also be a means of earning to you. Through gifts you can earn money or use it to earn money.

4. Sponsorship:

Like youtube, you can earn money from sponsorship in tiktok. But, This will only happen only if you have many fans. Then many brands and companies will contact you for sponsorship. If you contact and work for them, you can earn a lot of money.

5. Promotion:

You can also earn money by promotion. If you have a lot of followers on tiktok, it will increase your popularity. People will start following you on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram. After that, many brands and companies will request you to promote their name or company.

How much Like is paid on tiktok?

Like YouTube, TikTok does not give you money on Likes. But, The more followers you have, the more people will watch your video. So, you can earn money through the methods mentioned above.

How much money can we earn from tiktok?

Earning money from tiktok is not so easy but not hard. Tiktok users can earn money from sponsorship or brand deal. It mainly depends on your followers. The more followers you have, you will be charged more money for sponsorship. If you have over 10,000 followers you can earn only 2-3 thousand rupees. But, If you have about 100,000 followers, then you can earn 10-30 thousand rupees.

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Who has the most followers on tiktok in the world?

Tikok is all about fans and followers. So, the question arises that who has the most followers on tiktok? The most-followed user on tiktok in the world is Loren Gray. Loren Gray has about 40 million followers on this app.

Who has more numbers of followers on tiktok in India?

Now, the question arises that who has the most followers on tiktok in India? Then is is Riyaz Ali. Riyaz has the most number of followers on tiktok in India. He has more than 35 Million followers on this app.

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Conclusion (how to earn money from TikTok)

So, we hope that you have read the whole article. This article is based on how to earn money from TikTok. We have tried to provide you every information about TikTok and how to earn money from it. So, you have to know about it completely. After reading it, if you have any doubt you can ask us.

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