How to do Mobile Balance Transfer?

What is Mobile Balance Transfer
How to do Mobile Balance Transfer

Do you want to know how to do Mobile Balance Transfer; So definitely read this article. Nowadays, it is not the time that you go to STD or PCO and call your friends. Now the era has changed so much, so now is the time for mobile phones, but now people sometimes lose balance in mobile. Due to this, the sadness of the customers was not seen by the Mobile Operator and everyone is more loving than their customer, so every mobile operator company gives the facility to transfer the balance so that you can send the balance to another operator’s number from your mobile. Be it your friend, or your relative, or your spouse, Girl Friend, Boy Friend, whenever you want. 

Just like you send money from a bank account to another bank account, similarly, you can transfer the second number from your mobile number in just a few seconds. Think of any of your friends who need the power of balance, then you will be able to help him easily.

How to do Mobile Balance Transfer?
How to do Mobile Balance Transfer?

What is Mobile Balance Transfer

Mobile balance transfer means if you say directly, you can send the money that is in the sim or you can say that sending the main balance in your mobile to another mobile number using some Mobile Balance Transfer Code. But here, the money or the mobile from which we are transferring, both the mobile number and the mobile number on which they are sending, must be the same operator. Next, you will know the essentials of the Gay Transfer and Balance Transfer USSD Code. is.

What things must be noted while transferring a balance

Before transferring the balance to any number, these things must be done with gore and stay away from those who steal the balance.

  • The mobile number of the balance transfer and the mobile number of the person to whom the balance is being sent must be from the same sim card company like Airtel to Airtel, Reliance to Reliance, something like this. 
  • Mobile Balance Transfer can be done in two ways, one through message and the other through the Balance Transfer Code, it depends on the sub-operator. 
  • Whenever you do a balance transfer, the mobile operator will take some money from you, no matter how much it is, it is a very low amount, from 2 to 10. 
  • The person to whom you send money doesn’t need to return the money to you. 
  • And one important thing is that any person of these mobile balance transfer methods can secretly send the balance from your mobile to your mobile too. 
  • If you do not have balance in your mobile, then you cannot send money to anyone.

These were small but important things. Next, you will know the real story of how to do a Mobile Balance Transfer. It is not the same type of operator on the mobile number.

How to do Mobile Balance Transfer

Here, I will tell you that the Mobile Operator gives the facility of balance transfer through USSD code and if it is from the message, then from the message, let us know how to do the mobile balance transfer with some easy steps.

How to do Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer

Everyone is aware of Airtel that it is the largest mobile network in India at the moment and no one can tame it. And it has spread its network in 18 countries along with India, its owner and who used to launch it was “Sunil Bharti Mittal“, it has 400 million subscribers and is the third-largest network company in the world. Now I will tell you the steps.

  1. First of all, call * 141 # from your mobile. 
  2. After this, a screen will appear on your mobile, in which it will be written at the beginning of 1. Share Talktime, now press 1 and send it. 
  3. Now you have to put the Amount on the next screen, which means you want to send money and send it. 
  4. Now give you the mobile number of the Airtel Mobile Number on which you want to transfer the balance and send it.

Important things: You can send balance 30 times a month and at least your mobile should have a balance of Rs 10 / -. And you can send the balance to 10 different airtel numbers in a month.

Aircel to Aircel How to do a balance transfer

Aircel is also the biggest moisture company in India. Which offers 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. The name of the great man who made it is Shi. Celiac This is the sixth (6) largest Indian company, which now has about 8 crores 30 lakh customers. Now this was some talk of Aircel, now you will know the steps to transfer

  1. Dail your Aircel Number * 122 * 666 #. 
  2. A new screen will come. Follow the steps as stated there. 
  3. You can do a balance transfer from 5 to 100

How to do Vodafone to Vodafone Balance Transfer

It is an AC company, which is an outside company in India, but still has good customers. It is a London company, it has spread its network in 26 countries along with India, as well as its Phil customers. 43 crores. The name of the person who started it is “Rakal Millicom”. Now know how to transfer the balance from Vodafone mobile.

  • First of all, you have to dial * 131 * Amount * Receiver’s Mobile Number #

  • As soon as you do this, the balance will be cut from your mobile, give Amount of your choice here and enter the mobile number of the receivers to whom you want to send the balance. Example: * 131 * 50 * 9999999999 # It has 50 Amount and 9999999999 Number which is sending balance.

Important things: You can send balance from 5 to 30

How to do Idea to Idea Balance Transfer

It is also a very well-known company in India which started in 1995. Its partners were Aditya Birla Group, TATA group, AT & T, but slowly the company has more stockholder claimants than Aditya Birla and it has just joined Vodafone India in India. Its chairman is now Kumar Mangalam Birla, its customer The number is 19 million 10 lakhs, so now you know how to transfer money according to the steps

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  • Dail in your mobile * 151 * Amount * Receiver Mobile Number # and press Call Button. 

Example: * 151 * 50 * 9999999999 # It has 50 Amount and 9999999999 and the number of the person to whom it is sending.

Reliance to Reliance Mobile Balance Transfer

This company is known to everyone, whether it is from India or outside India, this company serves GSM (2G.3G, 4G) all over India. It is the largest company of Panchmi in India, which currently has 980 million subscribers. Its main office is in Mumbai. It is currently headed by Chairman Anil Ambani. It was launched in 2002. Now know how to do a balance transfer.

  • Dail * 312 * 3 #. 
  • Now give the number to whom you want to send money. 
  • After this give Amount pulse. 
  • After this, enter PIN is the default pin 1.

BSNL to BSNL Mobile Balance Transfer

BSNL means Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, it is the government company of our country. It was launched on 15 Sept 2000, and now its customers are also right. About 9 million 30 lakhs. 

Now the message is used to make balance transfer. So how to send money to BSNL Open the Message Box to send the balance to BSNL, then send this message to the new message and the number of the gift receiver written there 53733 or 53738. Now your balance will be transferred.

Docomo to Docomo Mobile Balance Transfer

This is not a company, it is a two company. One Tata and the other Docomo came to India very late but it is the eighth largest company in India. It is currently operating in 18 circles of India. Now know-how in Docomo Transfer money To send the balance in Docomo, open the Message Box, then send this message to the new message and the number of the BTReceiver written there. 54321 pay. Your balance will be transferred. 

Example: And the number is 999999999999 and send it to 54321.


I hope you have liked the article How to do Mobile Balance Transfer. If someone is an emergency then you will be able to send balance using all these mobile balance transfer codes. In this article, not all mobile operators have been told, but I will try to give all the information in front of it. If you have information about any other operator, do not forget to comment below.

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