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Google’s messaging service will be closed forever from June 16, users will see ‘Error’

GoogleTalks Shutting Down: Google has announced the closure of its instant messaging service Google Talk Hangouts. This information has been received by Android Police Report. This service was launched in 2005. GTalk was stalled for quite some time, and a few years back in 2017 users were advised to switch to Google Hangouts. But reports have been received that this messaging app was being accessed through third-party apps on services like Pidgim and Gajim, although now this service is being completely stopped from 16 June 2022.

Google launched GoogleTalks in 2005, and at that time it was in direct competition with Skype and MSN. The company introduced voice and video call feature in it. This service remained popular for a few days, but after that in 2017 people were advised to shift to Google Hangouts.

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In 2020, Google Hangouts was rebranded as Google Chat, and replaced the original Hangouts with Google Chat for Workspaces.

On the support page of Google Talk, Google has announced that it is discontinuing Google Talk, and it will no longer support third party apps. After June 16, anyone who tries to sign in to this service will see an error.

This service is also stopping…
Apart from this, let us tell you that Microsoft’s popular web browser Internet Explorer is going to be closed from today (June 15). Internet Explorer was launched 27 years ago in 1995 with Windows 95 for PC. Initially, users had to pay money to use it, then later it was made free for everyone.

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Microsoft said that users using Internet Explorer will now get all the features on Microsoft Edge, and it is much faster and more secure. The special thing is that in Microsoft Edge, users will get Internet Explorer mode, in which users can directly use the best apps and websites on Explorer.

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