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Google Map will tell the total cost of toll before the journey, will also help in choosing the route without toll

New Delhi. Vehicles traveling on any highway (except bikes) have to pay toll. If this journey is long then you may have to pay toll more than once. If you already know how much toll you have to pay on the route, then you can prepare some travel plans on that basis. Now Google Maps is going to give you this facility soon.

Google has written in a post on its community page that to give people a choice between toll routes and non-toll routes, the company will bring a toll price feature on Google Maps.

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How will this feature work
Google has told that you will be able to see the toll price till your destination on the map. According to the company, the information related to toll on the map will be based on reliable information received from the local authority. He said that one of the factors the company is looking at here is the availability of toll passes with you. After this, what day of the week are you going on that route and at what time of the day are you going to charge at those toll points. In Google Maps, you will get to see both the payment taken through ‘toll pass’ and the payment without toll. Apart from this, if you do not want to pay toll, then the map will suggest you another way where toll will not have to be paid. In the app you will get the option of Avoid Toll.

Not available for every route
According to a TOI news, this feature is definitely visible in iOS but it is not present for every route right now. Google has said that users will get to see 2000 toll roads on Android and iOS. Let us tell you that these 2,000 roads will not be in India only. Apart from India, America, Japan and Indonesia are also involved in this. Therefore, the picture is not clear on how many toll roads of India will be visible on the map.

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