Google announces release of Chrome OS beta 104 and OS103 with new features


New Delhi. Google has also announced the release of Chrome OS 103 for Android along with Chrome OS Beta 104. The Chrome OS 103 update adds four recent photos to your phone’s camera in the Phone Hub. It also brings the Nearby Share feature on Chromebooks, which can now retrieve Wi-Fi credentials from Android. At the same time, Chrome is also adding region capture feature in OS Beta 104 desktop version. This will allow users to crop self-captured video tracks.

After the new update, Chrome OS adds up to four recent photos, including 103 screenshots, to the phone hub of the user’s phone camera roll. If you tap on the image, it will start downloading and will be stored in editing and uploading folders. Not only this, this feature will also work offline. To enable Phone Hub manually, users need to go to Settings and select Connected Devices option and select Your Phone.

Sharing will be 10 times faster
Google has also added the Nearby Share feature to Chromebooks. With this feature, Chromebooks will now get Wi-Fi credentials from Android. Google claims that sharing will be 10 times faster with this update. Apart from this, Chrome OS 103 has also brought a new screenshot application for the convenience of teachers. This feature is ideal for taking video lessons and will also give users the option to draw and highlight the screen while recording with the selfie camera. Google said that the new application will start rolling out this week.

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Allow cropping of video recording
The release of Chrome OS 104 has also been announced by Google. The beta version of Chrome OS 104 brings with it features like region capture, media queries level 4 syntax, original trial and more. Chrome on desktop will now allow users to crop self-captured video recordings with region captions. Apart from this, Chrome OS Beta 104 is also bringing the original trial. This will allow users to try out new features and provide feedback on its usefulness and effectiveness to the web standard community.

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