Good news for WhatsApp users! Soon you will be able to hide your ‘Online’ status from everyone


WhatsApp But hiding the last scene makes life a lot easier. But as soon as you come online with the ‘Last Seen’ feature turned off, everyone starts seeing that you are online. In such a situation, WhatsApp has brought good news for the users. Users will now be able to hide their ‘Online’ status on WhatsApp from everyone. This feature has not been rolled out at the moment but it will be very useful for those people who do not want anyone to know that they are online even after being online.

According to the report of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will be able to select in its chats who can see them online. In this, users will get two options ‘Everyone’ and ‘Same as Last Seen’.

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One option is to show everyone online, and the second is that if you have set nobody for last seen, then your ‘online’ status will not be visible to anyone if you select ‘same as last seen’.

This feature related to delete message was also released
Apart from this, WhatsApp is increasing the time limit for delete for everyone. Yes, according to the information received from the report, users will now be able to delete two days old messages from the chat.

According to the report of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has increased the limit of deleting messages for 2 days to 12 hours for some users of the latest beta At present, this limit is only 1 hour 8 minutes, 16 seconds, after which the message cannot be deleted for everyone.

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According to the report, users have not received any notification regarding this limit increase, so users will have to check in the chat themselves, which can be done by sending a message and then trying to delete it.

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