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Good news for Gmail users! App got a new tool, this problem related to data space will go away

Gmail New tool: Google has introduced a new update in its Gmail app, and the special thing is that the ‘Storage used’ indicator tool has also been brought in it. With this new tool, it will be easier for users to manage their space, as it will know how much space your Gmail is taking. The feature also gives access to Google’s storage management tool, which lets you see how much storage space is being used by different Google devices. This tool will be especially useful for those who have a lot of emails in a day.

The new ‘Storage used’ indicator feature is a good tool, and it is made available for both Android and iOS. If you want to see it, just go to the profile section of Gmail, and you will be able to see how much cloud storage space is being used by Gmail.

Let us tell you that earlier this option was available, but the process was a bit long. Earlier, to search the Storage Manager tool, you had to go to Google Account Settings and follow some steps.

Step 1- Open the Gmail app on your smartphone and tap on your profile icon, which is located in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2- Now you will see that there is a cloud icon, which will give you the details of how much storage space your Gmail app is using.

Step 3-You can find out more about how much space all Google services have consumed on storage space by tapping on the cloud icon.

Step 4- Users can tap on the ‘Clean Up Space’ button to access the Storage Manager tool.

Step 5- Here, you will see a ‘Large item’ experience where you can view and delete large files in one go to free up a lot of storage space.

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