Global market: global market gets vaccine booster, strong growth in the US, Asia and SGX NIFTY


The global market is flying on the strength of the Corona Vaccine Booster. The US, Asia and SGX NIFTY have gained momentum. A major claim has been made about the Corona vaccine, which is having an impact on the global market. Pfizer has stated that its vaccine has been more than 90 percent effective in early results. The vaccine has been found to be 90 percent effective after Phase III trials.

Pfizer CEO Albert Borla said on the news that today’s day is very important for humanity and science. We will monitor Corona patients for 2 years. We are waiting for the research on the vaccine to be over. There is no concern about the safety of the vaccine. He also said that the company would not decide who would get the vaccine.

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Yesterday saw a boom in vaccine boosters in the US market. The Dow closed at 830 points yesterday. DOW recorded its biggest 5-month gain yesterday. S&P also created a new peak in intra-day. Here, Asian markets are seeing strength. SGX NIFTY has a bounce of 180 points.

However, profit-booking from the upper levels also affected the DOW yesterday. The intraday declined by 1600 points. This was the biggest jump in 5 months. Aviation shares rose sharply in yesterday’s trade. However, the pressure was seen in IT and retail. Due to the news of the vaccine, there has been a huge boom in the commodity market, gold on MCX has fallen by 5% to below 50 thousand. At the same time, silver saw a fall of around 4500. On the other hand, crude oil is up over 5 per cent. Bihar election results will be seen in Indian markets today.

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