Girls Whatsapp Number – 719+ Latest (January 2023)

Girls Whatsapp Number:- Hello friends, welcome to all of you, in this post of ours, in today’s post, we have brought online girls Whatsapp numbers for all of you because many people were asking for them. Many people were looking for the girls mobile number Whatsapp and many people wanted to girls Whatsapp number for friendship. That’s why through this post we have given call girl Whatsapp number to all of you people which you all can use according to your need.

Canada is also a very beautiful city where many girls live, if you want to talk to Canadian girls, then Canada girls WhatsApp number has been given in this post through which you can connect with those girls about for WhatsApp for girls is also given because it is going to be very useful for you.

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Some WhatsApp groups for you

Girls Whatsapp Number 2023

Roza+91 7486384937
Susmita+91 6473930969
Rasmi+91 6485048300
Chumki+91 2593749474
Usha+91 364893007
Honey prit+91 8777883638
Aniwsha Biswal+917986939789
Mamata Mallik+91 4532367891
Monsoon Samal+91 8888354688
Sarita Hota+91 8503726783

girl number for friendship

Kavita+91 99828 3506
Shila+91 88774 7681
Punam+91 879214811
PAYAL+91 766689005
Swati+91 782747503
Lovely+91 706167159
Aasha+91 809662002
Devika+91 890556855
Mitali+91 965453919

Latest Posts

Name                          Riya
Age                             20 years
Interest                       friendship only
WhatsApp number     +9184578056900

Name                          Sonali 
Age                             18 years
Interest                       friendship only
WhatsApp number     +9164538635726

Name                          Aaliyah 
Age                             20 years
Interest                       friendship only
WhatsApp number     +9126476375807

Natasha Sharma: 24 years old interest: Friends Around the WorldWhatsApp number: +917209400610Status:- Single

girlfriend searches for Whatsapp

NameWhatsapp NumberAge
Tamalika Bhowmik69097965721
Payal Sutradhar39264920219
Sayani Saha98838176922
Drishya Adhikari239870769520
Shreya Adhikari179739264918
Bipasha Nag548712098619
Annyesha Karji8938173923
Anamika Pal96937029819
Kallyani Poddar73825927220
Diya Sen89758796519
Maheswata Das67598766721
Purba Kar87074548720
Neha Das09727382921

Indian girls Whatsapp number

NameWhatsapp NumberAge
Yashika Agarwal00144800722
Rakhi Savant11185855719
Puja Kapoor011585219825
Neeti Bhatt06755903421
Rashi Khanna012356889921
Shita Haldar 018936382920
Bipasa Basu057929727722
Khusi Chandak 0273986299318
Deepika Padmani0073783883823

online girls whatsapp number

नाममोबाईल नंबर
Riya patel917681891747.00
उर्मिला ठाकुर917283629703.00
तनुजा पटेल919654766051.00
पूजा शर्मा918563094628.00
पूनम यादव916798754735.00
 मोनिका साहू918777883638.00
 ममता राय914532367891.00
नेहा ठाकुर918962354526.00

ladies phone numbers

Kavita+91 99828 3506
Shila+91 88774 7681
Punam+91 879214811
PAYAL+91 766689005
Swati+91 782747503
Lovely+91 706167159
Aasha+91 809662002
Devika+91 890556855
Mitali+91 965453919

Real Girls Whatsapp Number of All Country

Name-Srabani Thakur
Status– Life is way important than you think therefore you must not leave things for tomorrow !!
+91 7681891747
Status– Romantic Attitude
Age– 21
Name-Tanuja Samal
Status– Don’t look for happiness in the same place
+91 9654766051
Status– Hot Mood
Status– Lovely Behavior
Name-Sarita Hota
Status– Call me later because Life is not short as you think
+91 8503726783, +91 7681891747
Name-Sunita Majhi
Status– A girl adding you to her Whatsapp is a modern sign of trust
+91 9654766051
Shanmuga priya9976980376
kovai itam7305798794

Genuine Indian Girls Whatsapp Number

Nini20+91 636480966
Usha23+91 364893007
Chumki26+91 2593749474
Susmita21+91 6473930969
Rashmi Samal+91-9374728374
Kalpna+91 8503726783
Anisha Biswal+91-9678531296
Mamata Mallik+91786547469
Srabani Thakur+91 7681891747
Tanuja Samal+91 9654766051

Latest Tamil Girls Whatsapp Number List

Status-I’ll never be perfect, but I can be better.
+1 2025550104
Name-AlexisStatus-Girls who don’t ask for much, deserve it all.
+1 315 417 9337
Status-Once a queen, always a queen.
+1 210 460 4151
Status-My life, my rule, that’s my attitude…
+1 315949 3958
Status-I lives, I love, I fight, I cry, but I never give up.
+1 748 464 3457
Name-Alexia Shan
Status-Be a girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a lady with class.
+1 675 546 6729
Status-Stop asking for faithful girls, when you are too busy chasing hoes.
+1 546 236 4547
Barkha Jain6031504589

Active Pakistani Girl Whatsapp Number

NameWhatsApp StatusPhone NumbersAge
BasimaThe relation of friendship is greater than the relation of blood.+92 784 567 678919
AfifiYour looks don’t make u Beautiful, it’s the person inside who makes you beautiful.+92 789 345 678920
FadwaThe best dreams happen when your eyes are open+92 897 456 345622
FaraqTry to solve your problem yourself… Don’t Depend on others!!+92 678 456 345719
GunyahWhen I was born–DEVIL said–” Oh Shit!! Competition+92 789456 789022
HafsaI Did not fail, I just postponed my success+92 678 345 567825
JamilaThe only way to do great work is to love what u do+92 789 456 678919
ThreadI fear spiders+92 789 456 678319
NaazBatman Nor Superman, However, I am a superhero for my BF!+92 678 345 678924
ChinaSave water & drink beer…cool.+92 567 456 678917

Bangladeshi Girls & Women Whatsapp Number

Name: Soni

Age: 18

Number: 6021574865

Name: Jasmine

Age: 19

Number: 7402010305

Name: Sheetal

Age: 20

Number: 9032010250

Name: Ankita

Age: 21

Number: 8020406301

Name: Karishma

Age: 18

Number: 6032102768

Philippines Women Whatsapp Number for Friendship

Shanmuga Priya9976980376
Kovai item7305798794

how to get girls WhatsApp number

In today’s time, everyone is ready to talk to girls and in this era of WhatsApp, everyone uses WhatsApp to talk to girls. Girls also spend a lot of time on WhatsApp talking to people. So if you also want the WhatsApp number of any girl and you want to know how can you find the WhatsApp number of any girl and how to get the WhatsApp number of any girl, then for this you all want to know that girl You can ask for his WhatsApp number. If she gives her number to you then you can very easily find any girl’s WhatsApp number.

How To Find Girls Whatsapp Number On Social media?

If you want to get the number of any girl through social media, then we also tell you the way. You can first go to the girl’s profile and see the number there, if that girl has kept her number in public, then you will see that number. Or you can message that girl and ask for her number, if that girl knows or recognizes you, then she may give you her number. In this way, you can get the WhatsApp number of any girl through social media.


For all of you users, we have tried to share many girls WhatsApp numbers through this post and hope that you will be able to get all those numbers through this post. But let us tell you some things which have to be taken care of. First of all, we have nothing to do with all the numbers given in this post. All the numbers given in this post have been given to all of you by searching the internet in front, so we do not have any identity and connection with these given numbers. You also have to take care that you do not misuse the number taken from this post in any way and you should not harass any girl. If you do this, then it can cause trouble for you. And let me tell you one more thing that if you do any work through these numbers and if any untoward happens with you, then only and only you will be responsible for it. We do not claim the number given in the same way, if you face any problem then you will be responsible for it yourself.

How to Message On Girls Whatsapp Number without Save In Contact List?

If all of you want to send a message to any girls or anyone or him on WhatsApp and you want to send a message on his WhatsApp without saving the WhatsApp number, then there are many ways for this too. In today’s time, there are many websites and many applications for this, using which you can send a message to any person or any girl on her WhatsApp without saving the number. So you can use those applications and websites for your work.


On this post, you must have got the WhatsApp numbers of many girls and the purpose from which you came to this post was successful and we have prepared this post after working very hard so that whoever comes to the use vs the post, it is their need. Take any one number as per and we hope that you have got the number as per your requirement, you can talk to anyone using those numbers, with their permission, keep in mind that you will not be able to contact anyone. Do not disturb someone’s number, it can also put you in danger and you can also get upset.

So through this post you must have got the girls WhatsApp number, what do you think about this post, you can tell with us in the comment box, and whatever your question or suggestion, you can ask us in the comment box. If you liked this post, then definitely share this post with your friends, and keep in mind that the numbers you will get from this post do not have to be misused.

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