Health will be made in free, these 5 apps will help you, SmartWatch will not be needed

The closure of gyms and parks during the Corona period has had a great impact on the health of the people. We all know how important it is to have good immunity to fight against corona. In such a situation, we have come up with a list of some such apps, which can make your health for free. Let us know the details of these apps, which you can download for free from the Google Play Store.

The Google Fit: Activity Tracking app is a good option. Being Google’s app, it can be trusted. This app has been downloaded more than 10 crore times. You can use it on your smartphone. This app will help you from step count to heart rate and sleep monitoring.

The calm app is present on Google Play Store with a 4.3 rating. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times from Google Play Store so far. In this, you get the option of Sleep, Meditating, and Relax. For a better lifestyle, you get many features in it. You can download it for free.

Another way to stay fit is by counting calories. If you maintain your calories and can easily stay fit. My Fitness Pal’s Calorie Counter app is a good option. It has got more than 4 ratings on Google Play Store. This app has been downloaded more than 5 crore times.

Fitbit is a great fitness tracking app. In this, you get more than 240 workout modes. With its help, you can use sleep monitoring, stress management, heart rate tracking. However, this app present on the Google Play Store comes with 90 days of free service. After that, you have to pay for premium service.

Walking is very important for any human being. In such a situation, the Step Counter on Google Play Store can help a lot. This app uses a built-in sensor. It does not require GPS tracking, hence comes with better battery life. This app with a review rating of 4.8 has been downloaded more than 5 crore times. This free app is also a good option for fitness.

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