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This article on e-commerce contains many details on e-commerce like its scope and needs in today’s world. We have discussed many advantages and disadvantages of it. By reading this you get to know many things about e-commerce.

What is E-commerce

E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce. Commerce is the activity of buying and selling products thus e-commerce is the process of buying and selling products via electronic communication. In email, e-commerce, e-learning, and shopping, E stand for electronic. In such services, they are done over an electronic network.

E-commerce is used in businesses for buying and selling things over any type of electronic device. It made the buying and selling process very easy, with this we can buy or sell any product from anywhere from any time, there are no time issues, not any other problems for selling and buying. With the help of e-commerce, anyone can start a business from a very small scale to a very large scale. It requires only something that is: any electronic device like smartphones, laptops, tablets, or any other electronic communication device which can provide an internet connection.

Process for using e-commerce:

  1. When a customer wants to buy anything over the internet, first of all, go through the required website using the domain name required like www.google.com.
  2. After that, search for that product which you want to buy, then you will get suggestions about that product.
  3. Add that product to your cart, and when you will be willing to buy that product order that from your cart.
  4. When the product will be available that will be delivered to you by that businessperson.
  5. Then kindly complete the rest of the process of paying bills which are determined by those product owners.

Types of E-Commerce:

  • B2B – Business to Business
  • B2C – Business to Customer
  • C2B – Customer to Business
  • C2C – Customer to Customer

Business to Business: In these types of e-commerce services one business company is connected and sells or purchases things or products between each other. There is no individual customer between them. Like an example of INTEL and DELL, Dell makes laptops but it uses the microprocessor or Intel. Now 80% of e-commerce businesses are B2B.

Business to Customer: In this way, any customer gets connected to any business and product company individually. Understand it by this example of Amazon.in amazon a customer sends a request to the company and then that company processes the further process to the customer.

Customer to Business: As explained in the above B2C process, C2B is the same as that. In this also any deal happens between customer and business.

Customer to Customer: This is a type of e-commerce where the buyer and a seller are both our customers, none of them have their own business. They both use any e-commerce website over an internet network as a customer.

An example of C2C is OLX, if you want to buy something and also Want to purchase something then go through its official website.

Here the seller and buyer both are customers.

Scope and need of E-Commerce :

In this 21 st century, people have a very busy schedule in their lives, they do not have so much time to go somewhere to buy or sell something. Now in this busy schedule, people want something which can save their time so that they can use that time in their work, so e-commerce is the perfect way of reducing time.

It helps people to save their time and those who do not have any to do this can be a good start for their career. Everyone can start a business over it. Now there is so much scope for e-commerce everywhere.

We can use it from anywhere and at any time, the thing which we need to do this upon our system is a perfect internet connection. We can manage our business from anywhere, even from the village. Now villages are also growing up and many villages have internet facilities.

Now e-commerce is a part of human lives. Now it becomes necessary in our life if we need to purchase anything we can go through it for buying and selling goods, services, and products over electronic systems such as the internet, telephones, and emails, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce:

There are many advantages of e-commerce some of them are described below:


● E-Commerce is very useful to start a business. If someone wants to start their business then they can proceed according to its rules and can sell their products over the internet.

● It has the feature of fastest buying product, it takes less time. When you have a desire for any product and have not found that at your locality then you can use the online medium for that.

● The best feature in this to start any business is cost reduction. If someone wants to sell online then that person does not need any store, any physical medium to show their products at any location.

● There are benefits for sellers that they can do advertising of their product online with less money. They can do it with online marketing with some videos and photos of their product.

● There are no time restrictions for online purchasing. It is available 24/7, if you want to purchase at night when all the shops are closed then you can go through it.

Disadvantages :

If anything has some advantages then it will also have some disadvantages.

● Sometimes E-Commerce is not secure. For paying bills we have to fill in the details of payment cards because of the hacker, who hacked the particular website and took our card details. This is sometimes not secure.

● It is dependent on the internet and sometimes a site gets crashed and because of it your The whole business maybe gets down.

● We purchase the product without seeing and testing it, so sometimes it may be that we were not satisfied with the product which we got.

● Late delivery is the common problem of E-Commerce, some trusted and popular companies deliver their product at the time but the other new and small companies did not deliver at the time.


We got to know many things regarding e-commerce. E-commerce is like buying and selling through a smartphone by sitting it in a single place.

E-commerce depends both on the customer and the business. There are many advantages to it but some disadvantages too. But overall it’s the best way and the fastest way.

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