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As we know every device has space where our information, data are collected with the help of the internet that is known as the cloud and the process is called cloud computing. This article contains basic information about cloud computing, benefits of cloud computing, types of cloud computing, cloud computing services, uses of cloud computing, and their examples. So read the article till the end to know in detail about cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is all about the delivery of computing resources like software, networking, server, databases, storage, analytics, and intelligence – over the internet to offer faster alteration, pliable resources, and economies of scale. It is defined as the data center available on the internet to many users.

It is a popular option for people and businesses for storing their data. And it is very common to use big businesses because it is cost-saving, productive, efficient, reliable, and very important secure. Cloud computing means without using any on-site server or hard drive for hosting infrastructure, application, the system we use an online/virtual server to do these that connect our computer through secure network servers. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing 

  • Cost-effective – Using cloud computing your expenses for hardware and software and their installation are saved. The expenses for data centers and physical servers and more are based on how much you consume and you have to pay for that only.
  • Global Access – These can be accessed globally without any limits and boundaries over the internet. These have the ability to scale elastically. And they can be accessed when needed and from the right geographic location. 
  • Security – Data is very safe on clouds. The cloud services provider provides a set of policies and controls that make it more secure overall. Many companies use it to store their data that is very confidential so security is the main concern.
  • Reliable –  Cloud computing technology is reliable since it makes disaster recovery, data backup and makes the business run easily with less expensive.
  • Fast – In Cloud computing accessing data is a very quick process for the users. Even the vast amounts of computing resources can be accessed in minutes. As it is stored online it just takes some mouse clicks and it is in front of us.

Types Of Cloud Computing 

  • Public cloud – Third-party cloud service provider is the owner of public computing and it is intervened by them. Server and storage-like resources are delivered over the internet by them. By using a public cloud a cloud provider can own and manage supporting infrastructures like hardware and software. By using a web browser you can assess these services and manage your account.
  • Private cloud – Private cloud is used to maintain services and infrastructure on a private network. It can be physically located on the company’s on-site data center. The private cloud is also known for its high level of privacy and security. Microsoft and Elastra private are some examples of private clouds.
  • Hybrid cloud – public and private cloud combined together to form a hybrid cloud. They are bound together with the help of technology that allows them to share data and applications between them. Hybrid clouds provide greater flexibility in business and more development options. 

Cloud Computing Services 

  • Software-as-a-service(SaaS) – SaaS is a service that works as a software distribution model. In this model, the cloud provider hosts applications and distributes them to the users via the internet. Users can access these SaaS applications and services from anywhere using computers or other smart devices with internet connections. This service model is made for the delivery of Software applications over the internet.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS) – IaaS is a service that includes a cloud service provider’s infrastructure, where all the data is stored on the internet.

Organizations have their own platform and application that is inside the service provider’s infrastructure. The vendor provides the user access in the cloud for computing resources such as networking, storage, and servers. 

  • Platform-as-a-service(Paas) – PaaS is platform-based services. It includes some similarities to SaaS. These services are provided by the third-party providers on their own infrastructure and it provides a platform for creating software and delivery through the Internet.

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Uses of Cloud Computing 

For sending emails, storing other pictures & files, online Shopping, video and movie streaming services, education, watching movies, listening to music, editing documents, and playing games via online services all these things are possible just because of cloud computing.

  • Store Data and Backup – Very easy to store data and it is cost-effective so is used on a massive scale. Transferring data over the internet and backing up at the time of data loss.
  • Audio-video Streaming – Using cloud computing the streamer stores the recordings of the stream and uses them in the future.
  • Build an application – By using cloud infrastructure we can reduce the application development cost and time.
  • Data analysis – Analysing your data across divisions, locations in the cloud. Cloud services like machine learning and AI are used.

Cloud computing services examples 

Some examples of cloud services from cloud providers that are possible today are here.

  • Google Drive, Microsoft Office – We have used Microsoft office and nowadays Google docs, drive, sheet and more. This provides users a more productive way of using these by accessing these services at any time, anywhere, and on any device using the internet because of cloud computing. Everything we store on these platforms is saved on the cloud.
  • Email, Calendar – Emails, Calendars are very commonly used by as and the data on these platforms are also stored using a cloud. Any email service provider gives us a storage capacity up to which you can accept mail. After that, you have to either pay for more cloud space or clear some. 
  • Social media platform – Social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, and more are using these cloud services over which they have stored the whole platform and our data. Using these platforms we post, share, message people all these are accessible at any time because they are all stored on cloud servers.
  • Zoom – The zoom platform is also a cloud-based software platform for video conferencing. These are in top use for webinars, online classes, and the session on these platforms are also recorded, they are all saved on the cloud and users can access them anywhere and at any time.


Cloud computing is used from large scale to small scale depending upon its use. It is commonly used by companies because it is secure, accessible globally, and has more other features. The cloud means here is the internet. There are a lot of uses and examples of cloud computing. It is used by everyone and is the best way.

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