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Java Tutorial | Learn Java Programming – Digital Namanji

In this article, we had to describe what java programming is, its application, types of its application, their edition, and features of java. So read this article till the end to...

What Is Cybersecurity | All You Need to Know

This article on cyber security gives detailed knowledge of many points related to cyber security. Cyber Security includes the technique of how to protect the internet-connected system. In this article, you...

Hardware and Software – Digital Namanji

This is an article on software and hardware. It includes basic knowledge of software, types of software, hardware, then types of hardware devices, and at last the comparison between hardware and...

What Is HTML (HyperText Markup Language)? For Beginners

HTML stands for hypertext Markup Language. It is a very easy, simple, and only markup language for creating web pages. HTML used for creating web pages. It provides titles, headings, paragraphs,...

What is an IP Address – Definition and Explanation

This article is on IP addressing, IP addressing IP stands for internet protocol. An IP address allows the computers to send and receive data when they are connected to the internet....

Android (Operating system) – Digital Namanji

This article on android will give you knowledge about lots of things included in android. Android is a very vast and fastest-growing operating system. Everywhere everyone is using android, it is...


The topic of this article is data structures. This article contains all important topics about data structures. Full detail about data structures is described in this article. In this article, there...

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What is Business Technology | Advantage & Disadvantage

Hello! Guys today we are going to discuss the technologies used by organizations for their businesses. Before moving to our topic let us know...

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