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The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks.

What is E-commerce – Digital Namanji

This article on e-commerce contains many details on e-commerce like its scope and needs in today's world. We have discussed many advantages and disadvantages of it. By reading this you get...

Networking Devices

This article on networking devices includes a lot of information about the devices. In detail, common devices like modems, routers, and also other devices that are used like a switch, hub,...

What is Networking Models | TCP/IP network model – Digital Namanji

This article contains basic ideas about the networking model. The networking model consists of two models. OSI ( open system interconnection) And TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol). It gives you...
in this picture we see the chain of internet

What is Internet of Things (IoT) – Digital Namanji

Here in this article, you will get detailed knowledge of the Introduction to the Internet of Things. We will get to know the advantages, disadvantages, importance of IoT and its applications...

What Is Network Network | Types of Networks – Digital Namanji

This article will give you a basic idea about networks and tell you why networks are so important in the computer world. This article included basic ideas about what is network,...

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Uses & Benefits – Digital Namanji

Artificial Intelligence is on trend these days and it covers our surroundings very quickly like Google maps, face detection and recognition, chatbots, search and recommendations and many more. In this article...

What is Social media | Advantages & Disadvantages Of Social media – Digital Namanji

Social media is mainly a platform for people to share their thoughts & other things with others. Through it, people can interact with a lot of other people across the world....

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