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computer is a machine that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer programming.

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

This article on search engine optimization focuses on the main factors of search engine work and results of search engine. We have covered what is SEO, the types of SEO, and...
What is Computer

What is Computer – Basic information of Computer

Here we will talk about what is Computer. In basic language, a PC is an electronic gadget. You probably already know this answer.  So you should think, why again this article about which we...

What is Data Communication – All about Data Communication System – Digital Namanji

Data Communication is mainly a interchange of data between two or more devices. Know in Details What are the Basic constituents of Data Communication, and its Direction of the data flow....

Lenovo Ideacentre Core i3 (10th Gen) (4 GB DDR4/1 TB/Free DOS/21.5 Inch Screen/A340-22IWL) ...

Lenovo Ideacentre Core i3 (10th Gen) (4 GB DDR4/1 TB/Free DOS/21.5 Inch Screen/A340-22IWL)  (Black, 418.88 mm x 490.5 mm x 185 mm, 5.8 kg) Available offers Voucher Offer Get up to 3% instant cashback...

Web Development – Basic To Advance

This article contains knowledge about web development. Web development is basically used to prepare the website for the Internet. So here in this article, we gave ideas about web development and...
How to Record a Phone Call on Your iPhone or Android Device

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Mural TV with a 65-inch super-thin wallpaper style design.

LG's Wallpaper TV seems to have a new competitor in the city as Xiaomi has introduced its premium Mi Mural TV with a beautiful 65-inch Samsung display panel. The highlight of...

What is Cloud Computing | Know Everything About it – Digital Namanji

As we know every device has space where our information, data are collected with the help of the internet that is known as the cloud and the process is called cloud...

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